Not a how-to really but I just finished my first hat :o)

My VW hat is finally done. It is a little big on DH’s head. I think the pattern is big, maybe if it would be a little smaller? I didn’t want to start it right off the ribbing.
I still need to work on all those ends from the intarsia (just use a tapestry needle to hide the ends??).
And although it does look ok, there is one big mistake. You can see on the pic. You get a candy if you guess it right :lol:
Thanks Ingrid and everyone that helped me with my questions. :thumbsup:

It looks great! Is the mistake that the symbol is upsidedown?

That is a wonderful job for your 1st hat…especially done with intarsia…the emblem oops will just add to the character :thumbsup: JOB WELL DONE :cheering: :cheering:

Yes!! :doh: I don’t know how that happened :stuck_out_tongue: I should have payed more attention when I printed the pattern. :blush:

Thanks guys!

It looks great!

Can you give it to someone named michael or mortie or melvin?

Good job! Just have him stand on his head and nobody will notice! Just weave in the ends. Try to do them along the line where the two colors meet and it’ll not only look neater, but you’ll avoid having the white show through.