Nosewarmer FO

My BIL was teasing me a while ago that he “needed” a nose warmer. Guess what Knitty has a pattern for? Guess what BIL got for his birthday? :roflhard: Unfortunately I couldn’t get him to put it on his nose, but he did put it on his head and on his dog’s nose. Oh, and he just turned 25.

I guess this would qualify as a “You knit WHAT?” item.:knitting:

a… nosewarmer? :poke: hmm, well at least you know that no one else gave him one for his birthday… Thats ALWAYS awkward.

Tooooooooo funny

Makes a real fine birthday hat! :roflhard::roflhard:

Well ! if anything it is original . Maybe you could sell the pattern lol :slight_smile:

Great fun!

That’s VERY cute, especially on your pup.

:teehee: I love the photo of it on the dog…great job…

:roflhard: I think I’m going to make this for my dog…

Way to go! :thumbsup: BIL looks very happy with the gift–not so sure about the dog!:teehee:

hahaha i love that it has a little pom pom on the end of it!

:passedout: :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:


Thanks for all the laughs. He gave it back to me, so I think it’s going to be one of those things that someone else ends up with every year.:present: Hmmm… who to give it to next?:twisted:

A friend and I made a couple dozen of these last year (each! some where around 50 total) for a theatre group we are in; Her Majesty Victoria decides they are “just” what everyone needs for Christmas - so the entire village wears them.

:roflhard: What a great idea for those who are hard to shop for.

:rofl: I had a good laugh at this one!
I think the dog is really enjoying it!

Alas, if he weren’t your BIL there would be so many off-color joke possibilities regargarding what it is REALLY for!:mrgreen:

Haha I know. DH wanted me to state very clearly what it was to… cover. :rofl: BIL is his brother and I think he (DH) was a wee bit nervous about what I might say. :wink:

That’s just too funny!! :chair: Cute nose warmer!