Norwegian Mittens

I knitted these from the instructions in Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Workshop. I used Paca de Seda yarn which is alpaca and silk. They have a bit too much drape for this style of mitten. I had the exact gauge and simply followed the pattern but they are too wide for my hands.

They were fun to knit though and I’d like to make more of this style of mitten.

Wow are those pretty!!

Georgous and the colours are perfect x

They are beautiful, way to go! :cheering:

They’re absolutely gorgeous! Awesome job. Maybe you can wear them over other mitts or gloves for those really cold days?

TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow…those are amazing! Great work…:muah:

Oh wow! Work of Art!

Very beautiful!

:heart: Wow, I love those!!! So beautiful!

They look splendid, Amy. I love the colors; sorry, that they are too wide for you. I hope you can make another pair.

Those are beautiful!! I’ve been eying different Norwegian mitten patterns, but I’m a bit intimidated by them. One day I may try them, but for now I’ll just admire yours :heart:

They are truly amazing! Super, Super job!!!

:inlove: Wow, those are impressive!


Those are lovely!

:happydance: They look wonderful!!

Absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic job!

Beautiful!! They will fit someone I’m sure, if you can’t get them to work for you.

Those are gorgeous!

Those are gorgeous!!