Norwegian cast on and joining in round

I am trying to do a Norwegian cast on (which I was able to do successfully) …when i wanted to do the join, I added one more stitch (long tail cast on style) and then passed the last stitch over the first to knit. All was going well, until I noticed there was not enough give for the cuff (making a sock). I am sure it has to do with how I did the join. I would appreciate any suggestions as how to keep the stretchiness of this cast on. I may be tempted to go back to a long tail cast on and go up a needle size. HELP!!!

I don’t know the Norwegian cast on so I’ll have to look it up, but for a stretchy cast on I like German twisted.

Old Norwegian aka German Twisted cast on.
I do know it’s possible to work it too tight, I’ve done it. Are you tightening the stitches too much? Are you wrapping the yarn backwards when you cast on so your stitches are twisted? I did that, it took me some time to figure out what I’d done. As long as the cast on is done so it’s got stretch then I don’t see how joining as you did would make it tight. I have cuff down tubes socks otn right now that I used the twisted cast on for. I found that practicing with worsted yarn on larger needles made a big difference in getting it to work for me.