North East Ohio Knitters?

Hi there…just wondering if there are any knitters in the North Eastern Ohio area. I’m about 60 minutes East of Cleveland…in a quaint little town, too far away from the yarn store!

I’m near Erie, Pa. Where are you?

Yikes, you must be really clobbered over there in the snow belt! I’m over near Oberlin and we thought we had it bad with 5 inches! I have to tell you, sometimes living near yarn shops can be dangerous…I get most of my yarn in Columbus or Mt. Vernon. Sometimes in Oberlin itself. I mainly knit socks and the local stores don’t seem to carry much in the way of interesting sock yarn. I know I can order online but I like to squeeze and fondle my yarn-you know…kathie aka bunkielovesocks :waving:

Hi Bunkie!!! I live in Columbus but my favorite yarn store is Yarn Market… they sell mostly on line but you can go in and look thru the warehouse and purchase yarn too!!! (in Pickerington about 15 minutes from home)

The yarns are all in bins, bins, and more bins… but if you look up online and write down what you want to see, tis awesome. There are a few yarnstores in town and all very nice, but no one has more types then the Yarn Market… Fun to visit too…

Well good luck knitting wonderful things. :hug:

I am new at knitting so I can not say their prices are the best but selection is nice and their on line catalog is pretty informative…

me too (actually I live in Oberlin!)

I’m in northest ohio in Wooster, we have a small yarn-material store in town, but I found a wonderful one in Avon, Ohio. In a historic barn that was moed in. I’m still trying to learn how to purl stitch because I want to learn how to do socks and mittens. At least those are safe for now. I can crochet just about anything. Knitting that’s another story. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :hug: :?? :happydance: xxx

In Stow, Ohio here - its an Akron suburb :slight_smile:

My bf’s family lives there ^^

Hey guys, I am 25 miles west of Cleveland… In Elyria, you need yarn, take Rt. 58 North to Amherst…The place is called Catans…Or take Rt 2 (I-90) to Jo-Ann Fabrics ( by Midway Mall) 0r Michaels Crafts also by the Mall…Also there is a really cool place in Vermilion…(a small town on the lake) they specialize in very nice yarns…PM me I’ll find out the name for you!!! :muah:

Paging all NE Ohio knitters!

Methinks we need to plan a field trip!

We have a couple of LYS’s in my neck of the woods. :inlove:

My DD is going to college in Cleveland this fall. How is the yarn shopping around there? Specifically near Berea, but I’ll be travelling on I-86/I-90 quite a lot in the next 4 years.

I personally have not been to the yarn shops in Cleveland, but I’ve heard rave reviews on

Where is Miss Chick Peas? I frequent Stitch Piece n Purl, (do you do any of the groups there?) I have gone into the store in Fairlawn a few times, the one in Aurora, and the place up on Chagrin Blvd…but havent been into any others…and don’t know anything about Berea except its near the airport!

One of my friends and I found a quilt/yarn shop in Olmsted Falls (really close to Berea) - but they were getting rid of all their yarn (we got a great sale) and going to quilting only.

But look what I found! It doesn’t say much about what you’ll find in each one (and Abygayle’s Quilting was the shop getting rid of all it’s yarn), but that could make your trips more interesting if you explore them!

Miss Chickpeas Funky Fibers is off of Rte 91 in downtown Hudson in the shops on First and Main. She is in the same row of shops as Caribou Coffee and right next door to Coldstone Creamery Icecream. Cute shop, lots of funky fibers, a little roving, bamboo needles, unique store. :thumbsup: Worth checking out!

I am on the east side of Cleveland. I am near and have been to:

FinePoints (shaker heights)… very good selection. customer service not so great.

Cast on Cafe (willoughby)… ok selection. excellent customer service

Knitting Room (chagrin blvd)… pretty good selection. not so great service. store is way too dark.

Knitting on the Square (chardon) nice selection, good service

Studio Knit (medina)… new store, store is very beautiful, nice selection. very friendly service.

Edie’s Knit shop (aurora) nice selection, nice service

Susan’s Yarns (cleveland heights) lots of acrylics. i have heard good things about their customer service.

River colors studio (lakewood) nice selection, haven’t had much contact with customer service, but no problems either.

Sheep in a Heep (lakewood) i have never seen this store open.

Knitting Garden (westlake) nice selection. lots of blue sky alpaca yarns. nice service.


I hope you get this. When I saw you were in my area I got all excited!! Love to “chat” with you! Sandra

Not sure “who” you are referring too…but I am in Elyria!!! Just shopped last week at that cool little yarn place downtown called Smith’s…

wow oh wow!! I got a reply!! I live in Oberlin. Bunnylovesocks is out here too. She’s what got me to register but Elyria is o.k too!! Thanks for the reply