Norse button clasps

I’m trying to find some Norse style button clasps for a sleeveless hooded sweater I’m knitting (I’m using a viking ship pattern), and was hoping to use some Norse metal clasps as buttons. Only I can’t find them online anywhere.

Does anyone know where to get them at a cheap price?

Maybe this?


[/B]and are you Asatru? I’d love to see that pattern or the completed sweater.

Asatru? I don’t know what that means. I got the pattern from a magazine called Look to Norway Sandnes Uldvarefabrik so I’m afraid I can’t post a link to it, sorry.

I did find a link to the book itself. Look to Norway

But thank you for the clasp link, it helped a metric ton! :thumbsup:

oh sorry, I guess I just assumed! Asatru is a belief in the ways of the old Norse gods.

We are Asatru, and I just thought you might be since you mentioned Vikings.

Glad the link helped!!

Oh, yeah, I’m familiar with that. All the Norse I know just called it ‘The Old Way’, and went back to eating their lefsa. Mmm… lefsa. :inlove:

My younger brother knows the old Norse myths inside and out better than anyone I know, but I only the know some of them myself. I just love to knit Norse sweaters, they’re a lot warmer and prettier than what’s on the market currently.

If you ever saw our library, you would know vikings live here! Viking, Norse, Eddas, Runes, you want to know about the old ways, Norse Gods, etc, we have a book for it! :slight_smile: