Noro sock yarn!

Hey everyone. Just so you know, I briefly scanned through the posts and didn’t see anything about this.
So, I went to the LYS today for Open Knitting, since I just came back for Christmas. And they just got in yesterday, NORO KUREYON SOCK YARN! Oh my goodness, it’s so cool! It reminds me just of mini Kureyon, with the same rich colors, texture, and thickness variation that we have all come to know and love. And it’s still handwash only. And it’s really fine in some spots - I’m probably not going to want to knit this on size twos, but ones or zeros might be good.
Did you know about this yarn? If so, why didn’t you tell me personally? LOL :wink: Maybe it’s been out for a couple of weeks or something, but I had never heard anything about it - they told me they just got it in yesterday and it’s really new. Only one colorway had come yet, but they’ve ordered several. It’s just really cool, and I’m waiting on the other colors to come in before I buy it.
It’s just, I always wanted Noro colors to be in sock yarn! I’m not exactly sure how it will look or feel knitted up, but I’m EXTREMELY excited and can’t wait to try it!!!

So, I’m guessing you like it? LOL!
I’m thinking about getting some but not doing socks— I think I’ll make some gloves. Although I like to knit socks, gloves are more fun for me b/c more people see them :slight_smile:

I must be the knitting heretic.

I can’t stand Kureyon. It’s a very cheap wool dyed spectacularly. It’s cheap, rough, still has plenty of hay and debris in it and for the quality, the price is outrageous.

That makes me think that Noro sock yarn would be one of the last things I’d want on my feet.

[quote=Quiara;1027966]It’s a very cheap wool dyed spectacularly. quote]
Yeah, but it’s dyed SO spectacularly. :wink:

Yeah, but it’s dyed SO spectacularly. :wink:
Seriously though, it may be rough for some people’s socks. I’m definitely excited to at least try it. I’ll let you all know how it works out :smiley:

Where are the pictures of said yarn?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

It is gorgeous, and I saw it today, but a bit scratchy to the touch- colors were spectacular though!

I must be the knitting heretic.

Hey no, that’s me! :slight_smile:

But I’m with ya there on any Noro. Terrific colors, but the texture is awful. Of course I’ve never felt up their cashmere stuff, that may be better.

I posted on this yesterday

Saw it, bought it, cast on with it yesterday. Cast on with it more than once as I played with needle size. I found that by the third cast on the yarn had softened up quite a bit. It will never be smooshy and cuddly, but I do think it will make a terrific pair of socks that will fit in my shoes. It reminds me of knitting with Trekking but without the splitting.

Kaidy (snowing here today, which means loads of knitting time!)

I’m interested in knowing if it will soften after the first washing. The info says it is a nylon wool blend (80 wool, 20 nylon) There was some chat about this yarn this week and Yarnmarket (I think) is listing it as a machine or hand wash (because of the nylon). I LOVE the colors of Noro, but the Kureyon is not pleasant to knit (at least for me). I’d be willing to suffer through it if they softened up as I do love the colors.

Diakeito has been doing a lot of noro-esque colorways and I much prefer their yarn. For simplicity, I love the bold colors of Malabrigo. It may not be specifically self-striping, but it’s soft and gorgeous.

I don’t know. If I’m going to spend $8 - $10/50g, I want more than barely processed yarn from sheep apparently made of steel wool studded with sticks.

pffft… don’t worry… you and i can just hang out on twitter and talk about how much we hate kureyon if we are shunned. It took me a very long time to stop getting sucked in by the colors. I am like a freakin’ magpie when it comes to bright shiny colors…and kureyon always grabbed me. then i would get it home and hate using it! no kureyon for me!

I “third” you on these thoughts…love the colorways, hate the feel of the yarn.

I’d try it. Noro softens up A LOT in the wash. :woohoo:

My problem with it is not that it can’t be made livable. It’s just that for the pricepoint, I expect no, not the nicest wool on the market, but yes, something with something better than just a nice dye job. For the price, which is not much off that or Malabrigo, I should not, as the customer, be expected to do their post-production processing FOR them. I’m paying for a workable yarn and a nice color selection - and since I can get (in my opinion) nicer of both for the same price, slightly more or even less? I don’t buy Noro anymore.

I have a stash of it that I’m planning to turn into Booga bags because fulling is the only way I’d give a product made of Noro. Maybe I’ll take pics and put it up on my swaps in Ravelry… I dunno.

I’m a firm believer, though, in that if YOU like it? Fantastic. I hope you find all of it you want. If what you like is chunky “homespun” acrylic from Lion Brand? More power to you. You’re the kind of knitter I like best: when a knitter likes a very different sort of yarn from that which I lust after? S/he is one less person I have to tackle at the LYS during a good sale. :slight_smile:

It may soften in the wash, but knitting with it’s a pain.

And you’re right Quiara - some of us will use yarn that others of us won’t even touch. That’s why there’s so many different kinds out there, right?

:thumbsup: :cool: :hug:

Rachel-it’s Sparkle! I just stumbled onto this when I googled Noro sock yarn. “The group” was happy to have you back-Hope you can be there next Friday as I’m bringing my world famous Cranberry/Pear Pie! Anyway, I took that Noro home and knit like a woman possessed and I have to say it better soften up when washed, otherwise it’s going to be a very uncomfortable sock. It feels like jute twine. Very HARD and hard to control the tension too. I used 1’s and even accounting for the slubs, it was hard to control. It just looks so darn purdy though…I wonder what I could actaully use it for-maybe entrlac headbands? That would look cool-maybe hats…Hope you come see us before you go back to school…sparkle aka bunkielovesocks

well, after reading some more posts, I will try finsihing and washing the Noro sock yarn. Maybe I’ll beat it on a rock for while too…:shrug: