Noro Silk Garden - new colors

I was just shopping, er, looking at WEBS and they have new colors of Noro Silk Garden. Gorgeous colorways! What do y’all think?

I’ve never knit with Noro Silk Garden (hard to believe I know…). Does anyone have any feedback on it compared to other Noro yarns? Which one is the softest?

I love Noro yarns. :inlove: I’ve used two of theirs and just love them. I’m not sure the two I used are the softest…but I just love all of their colors. I plan to buy more in the future. :smiley:

Well, which 2 did you use? Do you like the bright hot colors or the cool ones? I’m always ‘chicken’ about the bright ones, but then I see someone’s Booga bag and I love the look for a purse.

I knitted a scarf with Kureyon and it felt pretty “stiff” to me. Then I knitted a tote bag with it and after it was blocked it felt much softer. So I ended up knitting a scarf for myself with the Kureyon and when I blocked it that also got very soft!!

Then I knitted a big tote bag for myself with Kujaku and I really love that bag. I cannot say it’s soft tho. I just love the Noro because of the colors and textures. I go for the bright colors…the bold ones.

I also have two hanks of “Blossom” but have not knit it into anything yet. I think of the three that I have used that feels the softest. HOpe that helps you a little. :XX: :XX:

:smiley: I love Silk Garden, my sweetie gave me a bunch for our anniversary…it’s beautiful!

Oh, they’re beautiful!!! :heart: I have a few skeins of Kureyon which I haven’t yet knitted, but soft or not, the colors are stunning.

Thanks for the feedback.

I once bought some Shinano when I first started knitting, but long story short, it was rougher than I expected and because it had negative connotations associated with it from the bad purchase experience, I sold it before seeing if it got softer after washing.

I do have some Cash Iroha which feels fairly soft as is and some Kabuto which is gorgeous, but feels stiff. I’m hoping that it’ll soften up after washing.

I just really am attracted to the Silk Garden colorways more than Kureyon. I like the looong color repeats I think.

ok- so, if you were to get two skeins of this (216 yards), what would you make? A next to the skin item, like a scarf, or a felted item like a purse?

bumpy-- anyone?

I heard that Noro yarns are scratchy :frowning:

I made shawls for several family members with Silk Garden. It was a bit itchy but not so bad that it was bothersome. I made a scarf out of Silk Garden also that I wear with a turtleneck or higher collar shirt so it doesn’t touch my neck because that area is too sensitive. The scarf took three skiens of Silk Garden and the shawls took five. The pics of the shawls are on my other computer that has decided to die. I would say if you can take a little itchy-ness do a scarf.

I agree that the Noro yarn is not the softest I have ever knit with…but the colors are sooooooooo good that it’s worth it. Plus, things do get softer when you block them.

I’m so jealous that they already have those new yummy colors! I have them on order but still waiting…that dang yarn is so popular that even vendors have a hard time getting it.

Thanks you guys! I needed to know that info about the softness so I don’t buy more itchy yarn for scarves. I absolutely love the long color repeats though, so maybe another project will be better.

I wouldn’t use the kuryeon for a scarf but I knit my MIL a scarf from silk garden and it was fine. Not the softest like I said, but respectable and gorgeous colors.