Noro Rectangular Poncho

This pattern is free and available for download through I’m stuck on the “Divide for Neck Opening” section of this poncho. Please keep in mind that I recounted a million times to ensure I have the correct number of stitches casted on and there are no mistakes in my pattern thus far.

The directions read “… turn, place remaining 120 stitches on hold for left half.” However of the 241 stitches, it is not split in half by the marker. There are 145 stitches remaining. Even if I placed the 120 stitches on a holder, what would I do with the other 25? Please help!!!Screenshot_20180303-121101

I don’t know if this matters, but the p -oncho does have errata-

Here’s the whole line - Next row (RS) Kfb, k to 2 sts before marker, kfb, k1, turn, place rem 120 (132)
sts on hold for left half.

I couldn’t’ find any info for a problem with that part of the pattern. I would just do as it says and it likely will all become clear.

Here’s the pattern.

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You cast on 5 sts and increase 2 sts on each side of the marker every time you repeat row 2. Counting the initial increases (CO 5 +2+4) plus 57 x 4 = 239sts for the smaller size. Do you have 239sts on the needle now after repeating rows 2&3 only?
Then just before the row Jan quotes you have 119sts, Marker, 120 sts. When you work to the marker you should have 121sts on the right needle turn and leave 120 sts after the marker for the left half?


I have the correct number of stitches in total, but not in half. I suppose something went wrong from the start. Should I just start over?

You may be able to look at the rows and see where you went off, maybe increasing only on one half. If you can see where that happened, then you need onlly rip back to that point.
The two halves should have approximately equal stitch numbers.

Long story short… I started all over again. But the good news is that I’m on the right track now. Thanks so much for all of your input!

Good luck with it this time around. Keep watching stitch number and shape to help keep yourself on track. I hope it’s all smooth knitting this time around but if you need help, come back and ask.