Noro kochoran help

hi there!

I need help with this yarn, has anyone used it? I have 11 hanks on hold at a LYS going out of business and was planning on substituting it for a pattern that calls for a chunky yarn. The tag at the store says it recommends 5.5 to 6.6-mm needles, which would be like a 9, 10, 10-1/2 ish, but now that I’m looking online, everyone is calling it worsted or aran and saying a size 8… i actually held the two yarns together at the store and really don’t see much a difference between the weight… i think the real difference is one is mostly wool where the kochuran has angora and silk, which would make it less dense…


I’ve used it and I would not consider it a chunky yarn. I think it is more a heavy worsted. I don’t remember what my gauge was but I am pretty sure I used 8s .

Fuzzy yarns actually take larger needles than it looks like they would because the fuzz fills in some of the space between stitches, so they’re not as loose.

I’ve used Kochoran, and loved it, except for the constant shedding. :slight_smile: I dont’ think I’d call it a chunky yarn, but like Suzee said, the fuzz can take up lots of space. I used 10’s to make an entrelac scarf, and there were no visible holes in the fabric.