Noro is #1?


So, I got to meet the southeast yarn rep for Noro (and the rest of Euro Knitting Fever.) When discussing the Noro stuff, he tells us that Noro Kureyon is the #1 selling yarn in the world and that Silk Garden is sold in TONS every year, like 6 tons per year or some other such insanity… I’ve been a little disenchanted with Noro since my personal Silk Garden issues, but I had a ball of Kureyon thrown at me to knit a hat for the store and I’m not in love with it really. I think many of the colors are lovely, but… eh.

What is everyone’s feeling on this? Just curious. :slight_smile:

I haven’t actually used it for a project yet, but I have to admit I do love the colors. I first got the chance to fondle it at a LYS a few weeks ago and was amazed and how scratchy and icky feeling it was. It reminded me a lot of the recycled silk I have!

I’ve used Noro a few times. I HATE the kureyon and the Silk Garden is just meh. the only good thing about those 2 yarns is the colors. However, I absolutely LOVE the Noro Transitions yarn. Too bad it’s about $25/hank.

I vote “Every time I see it in the store the colors hypnotize me and draw me in, but Ive cringed after touching it every time, so Ive never knit with it.”

[size=2](See how Im a rebel and can’t just pick one that you’ve listed?? :twisted: I live life on the EDGE, I tell you! :sunglasses: )[/size]

Well, my only Noro experience is with the Kureyon I used for my Booga Bag. I thought it was pretty scratchy and splity, and the fibers tended to break.

The colors are pretty, but otherwise, it’s not my fav.

I do not like the Noro. In fact I won some at the LYS and gave to a friend. I didn’t even want it in my stash.

the kuyreon is the only stuff they have that is in my budget and it always sucks me in with it’s pretty colors. i buy it and bring it home and wind it and remember why i hate it. someday i hope to be stronger than the kuyreon.

it felts into a very nice fabric though.

I love the Kureyon colors, but am not a fan of the sticks and straw in it or the varying thickness of it.

I’m using the Kureyon for the first time doing a Lucy bag. I don’t really like the colorways all that much (but that is me). The yarn is itchy to knit with and I had mine break a few times. It is also very home spun in nature - it can be lace weight to bulky weight and I don’t always like that. Since it will be felted it isn’t that big of a deal but I don’t think I’d use it if I wasn’t going to felt with it.

Maybe he meant Noro Kureyon is the #1 selling yarn among all other Noro yarns.

I have some gorgeous silk garden waiting to become the very lovely Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole…I don’t think that it could be beaten for the $ for Lady E…this will be the 1st time I’ve worked with it, so…the jury is still out for me. However, I do envision a beautiful Lady E, I’m very optimistic :smiley:

I have been so in love with (and in awe of!) with that stole since I got the book! good luck with that - it will be gorgeous in Silk Garden :heart: :heart: :heart: !!!

I’m on the edge with Kelly. I love the way it looks, but as soon as I touch it I back off. There are too many nicer yarns out there.

I’m on the edge with Kelly.

yeah that’s exactly where I would put you two! :teehee:

Absolutely love the colors. They are very dramatic. I like Noro because it reminds me of homespun singles. Yes sometimes the fibers are weak and break. Not always soft. I’ve yet to come across VM but am sure there are balls with it out there. I like how it is thin and thick. I adore the transitions yarn. The rest I usually felt. Right now I’m knitting a modular hat with silk garden. Next I’ll do a cable scarf maybe in the transitions.

It’s yarn. If I can knit with my homespun then I can definitely get through Noro’s short comings.

I was thinking this same question just the other day.

I have some silk garden waiting to be knit into a multidirectional scarf. I wish it were softer, but I honestly am so in love with the colors that I can deal with the itch factor, at least for a scarf. I don’t think I’d make a sweater out of it. I got mine way cheap at WEBS, and I don’t think I would pay full price for it (I go and stare at the LYS, then back slowly away from the pricetag.)

I love the colors that Noro comes in. I mainly use it for felting. I wouldn’t make a sweater or any garment out of it, since it is so rough. I just got a skein of silk garden from my swap pal, and I can’t wait to try it. It seems softer than the Kureyon.

I echo Kelly and Ingrid’s vote! I’m a very tactile knitter, so I could NOT stand knitting with Kureyon. For me, it was more painful to knit with than acrylic (which I usually don’t like)! :-x

i am so glad i’m not the only one! and sknyc, no, he said kureyon was the biggest in the world. that’s what irked me so much and prompted me to post this. :wink: i was all, say it ain’t so! i was worried if the rest of the world knew something about kureyon they weren’t letting me in on, but apparently not and YAY! :wink: let’s hate noro together! :teehee:

i do love that lady eleanor in silk garden, some of them are just breathtaking.

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