Noro Impressions

Hello all

I have heard ppl rave about Noro…but you know…after working with it, and seeing it up close and feeling it…I am not so impressed.

Am I alone in this. I see these 50 gm balls going for $13 a ball…and I am not object to purchasing a pricier yarn…but I just feel there are much better and nicer feeling yarns out there for the same or better cost…

I’ve used a lot of Noro. The only blend that felt as good as it looked is [B]Transitions! [/B]I used it for aSausalito Jacket in a cream colorway #19. It is discontinued now, or I would have it in my stash right now. Maybe that’s a blessing in disguise?

I’ve run into one Noro Silk Garden colorway that wasn’t what I expected. They slapped too many odd shades of green into the colorway!

On the whole, Noro isn’t what you’d call soft…especially not the ‘staples’ Kureyon and Silk Garden. However, there are so darn many colorways to chose from…I’m irresistibly drawn to come back to Noro. It is a very unique yarn! It will endure for a long time!

There are a lot of yarns trying to be Noro’s cousins out there. Speaks to it’s character!

I haven’t worked with it yet, but usually I see the noro right next to the mochi and I just can’t resist the feel of the mochi compared to the feel of the noro. I do appreciate all the noro colorways, but I don’t think it’s a yarn I would personaly purchase… unless maybe it was to make those cute felted coffee slip thingies :o)

I’ve picked up Silk Garden and Kureyon in the store, and decided I’d much rather knit with a nice soft acrylic. I don’t care if it softens up after it’s washed and blocked, I’m not spending the money for something that’s so rough to knit with, at 2-3 times the price of acrylic. I have seen it in the $9 range, but maybe the price has gone up.

I absolutely agree with everything everyone above said. It’s just way too expensive to have to knit with that rough, twiggy stuff, even if the colorways are gorgeous (and I think some are, some aren’t). It does soften up when washed and blocks extremely well. But you have to go through the process of feeling it for all those knitting hours first, and that’s just not fun. I also love Mochi.

The price difference could be explained in the I am describing Canadian Dollars…although the dollar difference isn’t that much right now.

I just hear so much praise for it…and I just don’t get it. The colours are nice…

I think too…I am not really a fan of knitting much with either cotton or silk. I like silk when it is blended in, but not when you can see or feel the silk in little twisty strings like you can in Noro…shrugs

I just wondered what I must be missing…considering I have been turned Yarn Snob recently…I just don’t get it…there are many more soft yarns out there…

I have had the pleasure of looking over the new Sublime Bamboo & Pearl…that is really nice…Can’t wait to try it!

There’s plenty of other nicer feeling yarns to knit with, and quite a lot have the long color changes now. So if it doesn’t really turn you on, you don’t have to use it.

smiles Oh for sure…I am not going to drop money on it…I just really don’t get the hype…

One can acheive much more fun colourways by dying your own…I am having lots of fun dabbling with different types of dyes

A lot of people like the color changing effect enough to overlook the twigs and roughness while knitting. And that it does soften up afterward. But it ain’t worth it to me…

I bought Noro for some socks I’m knitting right now. I loved the colorway, but as I’m knitting the first sock I keep thinking, “These socks aren’t going to be very soft and cozy!” I think I bought Noro Silk Garden, but I’m not sure right off the top of my head.

Noro also has a sock yarn, don’t know how it compares with the rest of their yarns.

I’m going to have to find my ball band and see what I bought. If what I bought it Noro’s sock yarn, it’s scratchy and rough just like the other Noro yarns. I’ll try to dig it up and find it.

If it’s thin, it’s the sock yarn; Silk garden is worsted and they have a SG Lite which I think is DK.

I found my label. It’s “Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn” at $20 a piece. Wow.

That’s right SG is the name of the sock. Yeah, it’s spendy stuff, but there’s hopefully enough for both socks in the one skein.

I guess I’m in the lone category of absolutely loving Noro. Noro Kureyon mostly. Yesterday I put on a scarf that was my very first scarf, a little thin thing, that I made about 5 or 6 years ago. It looks great and I love it too. I never found the scarf to feel harsh, not at all. I’ve also made an entrelac bag, small and like a jewel, that’s so pretty. the colors knit up wonderfully and I don’t know of many other yarns with color that strong. I have a Noro Kureyon book with fabulous patterns that I hope to make someday when money comes back ha ha, but I really don’t think there’s “hype” about Noro. They make splendid yarns, and the items made with it last a long time.