Noro arrived within 9 days! Yay!

My Noro Retro arrived at my doorstep (all the way from WEBS on the East Coast to Washington State on the West Coast) within 9 days of ordering! yay! A new first for Webs!

Anyway, I’m posting a photo of the yarn. It has such great depth that doesn’t show up on the color squares at Webs online.

Thought you might like to see how this new NORO looks. It is the same shade of green with different nuances and colorwaves.

I bought 16 for a Bettna cardigan. Here are 5 of them posing for photo day!

Won’t this design below (Bettna) look great with this new Noro Retro yarn?
The new dark green Bettna is for me.
Lauralee (below) can’t wear Noro Retro due to the angora content.

Green is my favorite color and you’ve chosen my favorite hue. Wow. I recently got a pattern that would look so great in that yarn. My project list is far too long already.