Nordic design pattern

I’m making a Nordic hat. See pattern. I am new to color work! Everything was going along great UNTIL I finished the first 8 rows of design. At the end of my 1st row the 2nd time I ended with a contrasting color. At the beginning of pattern row 2 the 2nd time I could either have 2 or 4contrasting color stitches, but not 3 before getting back on track. I’ve read something about a “jog”… Is that what’s going on?

It may well be the jog which can be minimized. Here’s one technique for doing that:

Can you edit out the photo of the pattern please? We can’t post large portions of patterns on the forum due to designer copyright.


Do you still have the right number of stitches on the needle? Might be worth checking as the number cast on is divisible by the chart number.

Thank you I’ll double check.

That was it ! 2 extra stitches I gained somewhere along the way! Thank you.

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Oh great! Well, not great you have 2 extra stitches but great to know why the pattern didn’t follow.
Will you go back to find where they came from or just decrease them out? I think I’d just decrease them and hope no one noticed.

I took it out up to the ribbing, I think I accidentally put two strands over and that’s how I got my extra stitch…

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Good to find out where the mistake might have happened. You’re getting lots of experience with stranded knitting in the meantime.
It may help to put in a lifeline just to limit the amount of knitting you need to take out. I hope you won’t need it but just in case.

Good to know you are back on track.
Hope to see the finished hat and your first colour work project!