Non-Pilling Wool Yarn?

I made my DH and mother hats in the past month and both are pilling horribly! DH’s was Paton’s Classic Merino and my mom’s was some chunky Maggie’s Irish Wool from my LYS. They look TERRIBLE for not so much wear and tear. Can anyone recommend a good wool yarn that won’t pill like crazy? Should I go to acrylic? I’m just kinda shocked. I’d understand for a sweater because of the friction or even a scarf but a hat? TIA!


Add your thoughts to this poll I started last week. Pilling is a common problem and I’m search for answers, too.
Pilling Poll
For more info on pilling go to the search at the top of the forum and look for pilling.

Ya know I have some acrylic stuff (Caron simply soft) that pills too! Not as bad as wool but it pills. I think everything pills. Just some more than others. Its inevitable :shrug:

I know from reading Amy’s post the Wool of the Andes pills really bad, so I wouldn’t use that.

Invest in a Sweater Stone–you’ll be happy you did! Then you can use whatever yarn tickles your fancy and take care of the pills quickly and easily. I bought mine at an YS in Nashville, but I know KnitPicks carries them.

I agree about the sweater stone. I’ve heard decent things about the trimmer thingies as well but haven’t used one myself.
Of course some yarn pills more and faster than others (Debbie Bliss… ugh) but it’s one of those things that happens with most stuff to some extent. The sweater stone keeps things looking tidy.

Mari, if it makes you feel better, I thought my hat that I made was “safe” by using Patons Classic Merino Wool yarn too, but it’s pilled also. I was surprised too because I figured it wouldn’t pill since it doesn’t get any friction. I’m glad you posted your question though, because it appears that I need to invest in a sweater stone, too, and I normally wouldn’t have probably known that it would help.