No yarn listed on pattern


I have an older pattern that has no yarn listed. It shows needle size and stitches and length to knit, but no yarn is specified. Does this mean I an use any weight of yearn?


What is the name of the pattern? What size needles does it recommend?
Does it give a gauge or sts/inch? Another way to figure out gauge is to divide the number of sts in stockinette across the chest by the measurement across the chest.


There is no name on the pattern. Just cardigan. no stitch gauge stitches per inch is 6. That is all the information.


OK, sts/inch is a stitch gauge and the pattern suggests the needles to use. There’s a table that helps with that information.

Six sts/inch is a sport or baby weight gauge. You can search online for yarns in that weight. I like Webs, Love Knitting or KnitPicks but there are many, many yarn sources perhaps including a local yarn shop near you.

Here’s the result of a search for sport weight at Webs. for example.
You can further refine the search for the fiber or features like machine washable if you wish.


Thanks for your help. I will check those out.