No tangle fair isle

This fair isle newbie knitting two colour fair isle, just discovered how not to tangle the yarn. You experienced knitters will know this…no doubt…but for anyone wanting to try it, here is what I learned from a you tube video.

Simply this…your main colour always goes OVER the top of the cc, so therefore the cc always goes under the mc. Simple, and likely many figured that out on their own.

Wanted to share so may make it easier for the other newbies.


I never tried fair isle, but that is very nice of you to share, thanks. : )

It is fun. Lots of free patterns on ravelry.
Hope to try it sometime. I am happy I did!

I knit fair isle a lot and within the past couple of years have discovered two-handed fair isle. It took a bit of getting used to but was really worth the effort. I normally knit English style (working yarn in R hand) so I had to learn to knit continental syle (working yarn in L hand). With two-handed fair isle my main colour is in my R hand and contrast in my Left. Working this way, the yarn never needs to be let go of and the main colour is always on the top and contrast beneath. Hope this makes sense. There are tons of tutorials showing how to do this. If I can be of any help, let me know. J

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I so wish I could knit that way. I am a thrower. I have tried
Continental and my tension never consistent. Hats off to all who
Can do it! Luckily I find solace in knitting, and am very patient.
I also love double knitting, again drop one and pick up the next strand.
Good thing I am a retired senior so time not an issue. :slight_smile:

I am also an English Knitter but I am a Flicker which means I never put the yarn down to complete the stitch. I learned Continental also. I also learned Combined in which you keep tension by just holding the yarn from your palm against the needle. Even so, I am more comfortable using Continental by wrapping the yarn around my pinkie and I also weaving through my fingers (over the index, under the next, over the ring finger and then under the pinkie, bring the yarn up and over the top, winding towards the thumb and then between the pinkie and the ring finger). This works nicely for me.

I mostly knit Continental like a Russian lady who teaches Estonian Lace.
The attached video does not show how I tension the yarn. I can knit with palming it, but after a while, my hand tires of that so I usually just do the yarn weave hold with pinkie.

Thank you Sallybode! She sure makes it look easy.
I will definitely not give up. Would be real handy when knitting fair isle.