No Stitch

Hi, I am working on a chart. In the pattern there is a center cable that then dissects into a left & right cable & I am at the dissection point which is where the chart starts. In the center of the chart 7 of the 25 rows indicate “no stitch” in the center of the chart. What do you do when you see “no stitch”? The prior row there are purl stitches there so there are stitches. At the beginning & end of each of the 7 rows there is a decrease if that means anything. HELP please. Thanks!!! Linda

I didn’t understand your exact situation, but a “no stitch” is used by a chart designer to make the information given easier to chart. For one reason or another the “no stitch” is a device to hold a place for a stitch that will be there later or was but isn’t there right now. When you come to the place designated “no stitch” just skip it on that row and any other row it is on and do whatever the chart has as the next thing. Short answer: skip it and do the next square on the chart.

What ‘no stitch’ means is “there’s no stitch on your needle for this box” so you skip the box and move on to the next one. It’s the same as when a pattern says to ‘k0’ for your size, you ignore the instruction and go on to the next.