No Row Gauge?

Have you ever run into a pattern that gives stitches per inch but not rows? I’m supposed to have 18 stitches per 4 inches, but my gauge thingie only goes to 2 inches. When I measure the 2 inches, instead of 9 I have 8 1/2. I have no idea what the rows are supposed to be, as I’ve not been able to find it. (I’m using the Knitting Pure and Simple pattern for the women’s short sleeved henley if anyone is familiar with it). Thanks for any help!!

For a sweater pattern, stitch gauge is more important than row gauge. Some patterns only give you the stitch gauge because the instructions tell you to knit for a number of inches rather than a specific number of rows.

If you go down a needle size, you might get the correct gauge.

Thank you!!!

Is this it? # 9727 Henley T-shirt for Women

Do you have any kind of ruler or tape measure that you can use? When gauge really matters you need a swatch that’s at least 5"x5" and measure over more than 2" for accuracy.

Since this one is top down, if this is your pattern, you can try it on as you go. One of the joys of knitting top down is you can adjust for fit as needed.

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Yes, GG, that is the one. The actual swatch I knit is pretty good sized - about 12 inches long and 5 inches high (I wanted to make sure I made it big enough, ha ha ha!) so I will see if there’s a way to measure the full 4 inches without losing track of where I am. Safety pins may be required to keep me from losing count, ha ha! If it’s still off, I guess I’ll have to switch needles and do another (smaller) swatch.