No one told me how expensive it would be!

My new knitting habit is going to break the bank, my gosh! :roflhard:

I’ve only been knitting for a month or so and I have more yarn and needles than I do projects (for now)!

AND I have a “knitting wish list” that I keep adding to every time I stumble on a new pattern that I just have to try…the list is THREE pages long! :rofl:

And now that I’m teaching myself to knit in the round (with your help, thanks!), a whole new world of wonderful, expensive projects has opened up to me! :teehee:

Am I the only one who’s going to end up spending hundreds on my new habit?

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep the prices down so my DF doesn’t dread taking me to any store that sells knitting supplies? :knitting:

I usually buy my yarn on sale and use coupons from the craft stores, get it at walmart, or find some at the thrift store. I seldom buy at my LYS, but do occasionally purchase from knitpicks, though I’m thinking of buying from elann too. Online stores, sales, coupons… that’s one way of keeping costs down.

I initially saved by buying a interchangeable needle set, I have Denise, but there are lots out there to choose from. Its cheaper that way then buying individual sets, and since it seems that you really like knitting and will continue to knit, its a good investment. I also buy yarn on sale, and knitting supplies are on my Christmas list, so hopefully i will get some stuff I need for Christmas.

Sorry I meant to say I bought the Interchangeable about six months after learning to knit, they save money in the long run and are well worth it. I started off with a set here and there, but figured out that adds up rather quickly. And i did not always have the funds for needles for a pattern I wanted to do, so I would have to wait. The interchangeable needles have most the sizes you would need, so thats no longer an issue for me. Hope you find this usefull

The interchangeables do save money in the long run although they cost more initially.

I don’t have unlimited amounts of money either. Other than needles and some notions you can get stuff a little at a time and buy inexpensive yarns for awhile. Some of them are really nice anyway!

I think everyone has their ‘wish list’ :slight_smile: I think the most expensive part is when you start knitting - there are so many needles, patterns, books, notions, etc… once you have your stash of yarns, needles, and notions - it isn’t so bad. When I started knitting again (I used to use my grandmother’s notions, needles and yarn)- I had to build up my needles, notions, and yarns - I actually did it by project. Over time, I have pretty much collected all that I need. Now I ask for different items that I don’t have and would like for Christmas and my birthday… it helps to spread out the cost and get something that I would like. My DH finally understands that he can get me a few skeins of expensive yarn for my b-day and I couldn’t be happier.

I also started out with the ‘cheaper’ needles and yarn and then slowly replaced with the needles and yarn that I really wanted.

It takes time… but before you know it you’ll have a problem finding room for it all :wink:

The expensive is well worth it. I have a nice stash of yarn. I own the Denise Interchangeable needles and the Knit Picks Harmony ones but I prefer the Denise. I have to admit that an interchangeable set is a MUST for a serious knitter. You’ll save money in the long run from buying all the different sizes.

You are not alone. I have been knitting for years, but only really got into it seriously when I joined this forum. You see all the wonderful projects people are making and you immediately want to go out and buy yarn to start the projects for yourself. When I joined a year ago, I had one carrier bag with yarn for one or two projects. now I have 10 48liter plastic storage boxes full to the limit and a small chest of drawers full of yarn. My new year resolution is definitely knitting from stash only. Well I will try anyway.

Oh my gosh, I had no idea they made interchangable needles!

I NEED those! :lol:

Hmm…Luckily, my DF hasn’t finished my Christmas shopping yet! :wink:

Thanks, everyone!

Knitpicks Options!!! I have Denise, but prefer the sleek metal and lovely cables of the Options.

Can someone explain the difference between the Denise and the Knitpicks?

I see that the Knitpicks are more expensive…why?


Hereis a thread that might help answer a lot of your questions :thumbsup:

It really comes down to what you like best…I’ve tried the boye’s, denise’s, harmony, and options…I love the option/harmony sets both from Knit picks :happydance:

Thanks for the link!

But now I’m even more confused. LOL

Like someone mentioned, it seems that both sets have their pros and cons.

I do have an 8 month old DD that I knit a lot of clothing for (hats, sweaters, soakers and longies, etc), so I’m thinking it might be best to go with the Denise since they come with the shorter cables?

Or should I go with the KP’s and just knit with the longer cable, magic loop for the baby clothes?

Oh, I’m so confused!:think:

Hi! :waving:

It CAN be overwhelming when you first start out to decide what you need now, what you want now and what can wait. My list of “what can wait” is pretty short and is budget-driven! I fill in at any opportunity!

I can tell you that buying an interchangeable needle set is a great choice. I have the Knit Pick Options and I could not be happier! I LOVE THEM!!! I can knit flat or in the round with them, the cables are awesome - flexible and lovely to work with - and I can add needle tips inexpensively, like when I decided to try knitting socks two at a time on two needles!

Whatever you choose, factor in storage containers and/or cabinets or dressers. Yarn and accessories, I swear, breed like bunnies! :roflhard:

Most importantly, have fun with it! It’s an art form to last you a lifetime.

Happy knitting,
Ruthie :knitting:

It can get pretty expensive. If you go on ebay theres “lots” of knitting stuff for like 20-30 bucks. I recently bought a lot and got like 30 knitting needles, a bunch of stitch holders, 30 crochet needles, and other knitting stuff for like 20 bucks. Also joanns craft store online has really good deals if there isnt a store near you. Walmart is great for budget knitters also. I recently went on a grocery trip and happened to stop by the craft section and they had a bunch of knitting stuff on clearance!! I got 3 different sizes of clover bamboo knitting needles for 1.50 each plus two row counters and a thimble that seperates different colors threads for 50 cents each. AWESOME!! In summary, lol, it is a little expensive but soooooo much fun!!

You can find deals on ebay. I just bought 12 pairs of Addi Turbo nickel-plated circular needles for $63.99 including shipping from Hong Kong. In my LYS Addis cost $18.++ a pair. The same ebay seller also sells Noro Kuryeon and Silk Garden Light yarn, 10 balls for $49.99.

I also bought my swift on ebay for $45.00. KnitPicks sells it or about $70.00.

I do often browse eBay, but the problem with that is that, being a new knitter, I have no idea what’s a good deal, you know?

I mean, do I need a set of twelve 16" circular needles in sizes 0-10.5? (And that’s just one example!) I really have no idea! :lol:

I also look at yarn but again, being a newbie, I have no idea how much I should pay for yarn. I’ve only shopped at Walmart for the supplies I have so far, so there’s no comparison there for me. :frowning:

I’m sure I’ll learn as I start to visit some REAL craft stores. :slight_smile:

OMG - Yes! I’m a complete sucker for gorgeous and unique yarns. I’m so bad that if I see a yarn I fall in love with I’ll buy it first and then figure out what I’m going to do with it later. I’m also a quilter and have the same problem with fabric. My motivation to keep stitching is watching exquisite colors and patterns come to life at my own hand. I’m an addict and my stash is out of control! :mrgreen:

lol I know how you feel I buy what I need to for a project and then I have a stash of yarn. I do yarn recycling if I need wool but if it’s acrylic then I’ll just buy it cause it’s too much work to recycle it lol.

I have to say that I did real good until I went to Las Vegas this past Spring. I had just finished taking my last college exams and, upon discovering two amazing yarn stores in town (I was there for a soccer tournament), I splurged. Totally splurged…spending way, way too much money. But, since I don’t have a true yarn store near me, I also justified it that way (in addition to using “It’s my graduation present.”).

I suggest that if you find yourself gravitating toward more expensive yarn, watch for sales. The online sites have wonderful sales. All you’ve got to do is keep your eye out for them.

Welcome to this wonderful addiction.


Knitpicks Options are nickel plated steel, Harmony are wood. Both have a smooth, flexible cable that is easy to knit with.

Denise is made of resin and the cable is much thicker and I found that with some yarns it tends to stick. It’s flexible, but not nearly as much as the Options. I haven’t used mine since I got the Options.

That said it’s really personal choice. If you like metal needles then I suggest you give Options a try. You can buy just one set to see if you like them. That’s what I did.