No one said anything about sewing!

Look, if I wanted to sew, I’d take up sewing, okay? I took up knitting. :stuck_out_tongue:


Making the bunnies. I’m an uber-beginner still. When you sew together something nice and simple like this, can you do so with just a plain ol’ backstitch? (I’m thinking of the plain embroidery I did when I stitched my boyfriend’s name on a plain stocking this Christmas). Or is there some magic special stitch that is better?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

~ Cary xox

There is a magic special stitch–Mattress Stitch

I hate to sew, too, but mattress makes such a nice seam, it’s bearable. :wink:

I am not a seamstress- I need to read up on that mattress stitch- I throw any old stitching on there, and what I do probably doesn’t even have a name for it! :lol: Good luck, that bunny is very cute!

I havee made a cat almaost exactly the same, only I didn’t knit it. You have to put the right sides of the material together and then backstitch round the edges, then to stuff it turn it the right way out. Do the same for the ears. Mattress stitch is good for goves hats etc. but not so good for toys. Hope that helps! Happy knitting :XX: !