(No More) Pattern Confusion - Hat Decreasing (is done)

Can anyone explain what this means… :??
Decrease Rows:
Row 1: Knit 6 K 2 together
Even Rows: K
Row 3: Knit 5, K2 tog
Row 5: Knit 4, K 2 tog
Row 7: Knit 3, K 2 tog
[color=red]Continue decreasing in the above manner until you have K 1 ,K 2 tog[/color]Next row: K 2 tog

Does that mean start the decreasing over at K6, K2tog? Or does it mean continue on at K3, K2tog? How would I get to K1, K2tog? The hat is at 7/75 inches, so I don’t want to go on too much further, especially since I’ve gone through the decreasing once and still have 50 stitches?

Thanks ladies!

You K6 then K2 tog, K6 then K2 tog all the way around. Next decrease row you K5 then K2 tog, K5 then K2 tog all the way around, etc… You’ll have about 12 or decrease rows before you bind off. I made a couple hats and that’s how it decreased for me, too. If you don’t want that many more rows you’ll probably need to frog a little before starting the decrease rows.

Edited because I added wrong… :rollseyes:

well it is telling you to do a gradual decrease. you would just keep going in the pattern established there of K6 K5 k4 k3 k2 k1 (of course on different rows) to follow the pattern. i have skipped the knit rounds before if i want a more “sudden” decrease so you can do that. right there, if you follow the pattern, you will have about 12 more rounds on the hat (give or take)

remember that some of these rounds will be the top of the hat…not just the sides.

well, that’s what I’ve done so far. I’ve done the K6, k2 tog, all the way down to the K3, k2tog, and I still have 50 stitches.

i think i’ll just follow the decrease i did on the last hat, i liked the way that turned out, so i’ll go with that, it was very similar to this one. the whole pattern for this one was a little confusing, but i really like the hat so far!
thanks you guys!!

How many stitches did you start out with?

For example, if you started with 80 stitches, it would go like this…

Row 1: Knit 6 K 2 together 10 times (then you’d have 70 sts)
Even Rows: K
Row 3: Knit 5, K2 tog 10 times (then you’d have 60 sts)
Row 5: Knit 4, K 2 tog 10 times (50 sts)
Row 7: Knit 3, K 2 tog 10 times (40 sts)
Row 9: Knit 2, K 2 tog 10 times (30 sts)
Row 11: Knit 1, K 2 tog 10 times (20 sts)
Row 13: K 2 tog 10 times (10 sts)

Hmm, I started with 80, so that worked out well. Not sure what happened to the stitch counts…I’ll have to look at it again. Or maybe I counted wrong :thinking:
I’m good at that…sometimes I go …38, 39, 50…
Thanks for writing out the numbers though, that helps!! :smiley:

:rofling: i can’t believe you put that in print! :rofling:

[size=1][color=green](this is the official disclaimer stating that i nevvvvvvvvvvver do that!)[/color][/size] :angelgrin:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Too funny

I finally figured it out, thanks to all of you guys help!!


That’s adorable… and looks nice and toasty warm too.

Your hat is sooo cute and it looks great on you too. You did a very nice job.

:cheering: :cheering: Looks wonderful!!!

What a cute hat and model! :wink:

Thanks everyone. I think I could have done the ribbing a little better, it was my first attempt, so it was a little looser than what I thought it should be. And I’ve got some tension issues with carrying the yarn behind (btw, thanks Ingrid for the “trap” technique, worked like a charm and the inside of the hat doesn’t look too bad!) but I’ll figure it all out!!

[color=darkred][size=6]WOW!!! [/size] You did a fantastic job knitting with two colors.

I’m new here. Someone please tell me where I can find Ingrid’s “trap” technique. I need a lot of practice with knitting with more than one color.
:frog: Lana[/color]

You can find it here somehow I got two posts going, sorry guys!

[color=darkred]I found it!
:x: But I can see I will need yarn and needles in hand to actually “get it”. Thanks[/color]