No free T rex pattern, maybe I should knit a T rex without a pattern

I have looked and looked and I even tried lots of different search engines and knitting pattern websites but here is what I get when I search “T rex knitting pattern free”:

A lot of T rex patterns that aren’t free
No T rex patterns that are free
Lots of patterns that are of dinosaurs other than T rex, both free and not free

So I figured, “Okay, I can’t seem to find any free T rex patterns so maybe I should just knit a T rex and write down the pattern as I go.

I definitely have enough yarn in total to knit a T rex. Whether or not I have enough of a single color really depends on whether you are talking about knitting the claws and teeth(in which case, I do have enough white yarn for it) or knitting the tail, body, head, and limbs in which case, I don’t know.

Using multiple shades(like light and dark) would help but even then, I still don’t know if I have enough.

But there is 1 thing I would have to figure out before I start knitting. How many stitches to cast on.

Knitting it flat makes it easier for me to sew and stuff whatever that piece is. Plus it helps me avoid 2 things that I have had happen while knitting small things in the round and those 2 would be:

  1. Twisting on any round while using DPNs. I often don’t notice twisting until it is too late unless the twist is on the cast on row in which case I notice right away and can fix easily.

  2. Visible join in magic loop and holes with increases. Even if I knit with higher tension in magic loop, I get visible joins, especially with a low number such as 10 or 20 stitches. When it is a larger number like 50, the join is less obvious but stuffing it would make the join obvious. I also tend to get holes where I increased in magic loop, especially with M1 increases. Not so much with kfb increases unless it is at the join.

It sounds like you have the planning well in hand. Perhaps you could put your own pattern out there when you finish? I can see multiple colors, maybe even random color changes (sort of a cami pattern) for a T-rex.

I wonder if dropping down a couple of needle sizes would help with holes and ladders especially on a stuffed animal? It’s curious that you have twisting after the first few rows for circular knitting. Usually, if you can get through the first knit row, you’re ok. You might try knitting a row or two flat and then going to in the round.

I like the KLL and KRL for increases. They always seem more organic to me and less likely to show holes.

Well, just some random thoughts on your project. Good luck with it and do post a photo please!

Not sure where you looked and it sounds like your search words may be too broad, but I found a few free ones on Ravelry by just typing in t-rex and filtering for free. Even though you seem to be figuring it out on your own here’s the ones I found.