Nintendo loves knitters

I’ve been playing Brain Age 2 on my DS, and today’s brain tip was “Did you know that knitting can activate your prefrontal cortex? Using both hands to create something can be a stimulating brain activity!” :yay: Then… “All right, I won’t needle you about it.” :roll:

Haha, I have Brain Age 2 also and know exactly what you are talking about. I played it more before I started knitting, but I do love that it gives you tips like that.

I’ve heard the same thing about playing the piano. It involves both hands, both sides of the brain, and 3 senses as well (hearing, seeing, and touch).

I’ve been told that playing piano causes neurons to grow across the brain, so that both sides of the brain can communicate more easily. I wonder if knitting does the same?

That’s cool! It’s also another justification for my obsession.

all right! Now I can prove that my knitting isn’t a “waste of time”!

That’s certainly good to know! And a good excuse to get a DS, so I can play ‘Brain Age’.

My husband thinks if it doesn’t blow something up, it’s not a “fun” game. :wall:

Okay, I have to admit this…when I first read the post I was really confused. I’m used to reading DS as Dear Son. I was surprised that Hilde had a child that I’d never heard about! Then I had to figure out how she was playing a game on him. Duh. I realized that it was the Nintendo DS that she was talking about.

Then…come to read Debkcs post…

And a good excuse to get a DS, so I can play ‘Brain Age’.

I had to laugh again. I translated it back to Dear Son and it’s really funny :roflhard:!

Okay. There you go. There’s my dorkiness for the day!



Nintendo uses knitting too! We just got Wii so I’ve been playing quite a lot. I noticed a few days ago that one of the games looks knitted. I think the game is called Charge it’s on the Play disc. You are in a race on the back of a cow, the cow, the trees, the lane and everything else except your character looks like it is made of st stitch. It’s so cute!
I really want a DS! ( the game, not a son yet:teehee:) Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas this year!

I love my Nintendo DS. I play Harvest Moon in the GBA slot most of the time though. I’m up through Year 4 in that game, and just can’t stop playing it. My little farm has 3 cows, 3 sheep, 8 chickens, a horse, and lots of crops. My house is bigger now, and my little dog loves me. It’s such a fun little game.

I also like to play Animal Crossing and Nintendogs on the DS. I have some other games too, but I don’t play them as often.