Nicky Epstein's new felted book

I just found this online. Has anyone actually looked thru Nicky Epstein’s new felted bag book?? IF so what do YOU think??

I like the Houndstooth bag withOUT the extra’s on it and I like the Queen Ball bag withOUT the balls on it. I think some of the bags are pretty but withOUT all the " wild doo dads" on them. I don’t think I’ll be buying this book. See below.

I’ve not looked thru the actual book, just thru pages here online…I love it :smiley:

I looked through the book at my LYS when they first got it and I wasn’t impressed. There really isn’t a single bag in there I’d make and use. My LYS ordered kits too. I looked at the swan kit and to everyone’s shock, the feathers and buttons for the eyes weren’t included. That was NOT clear when people ordered (but it’s pretty clear on the website). Glad I didn’t order anything!

I…might get it out of the library sometime, but wouldn’t buy it. The designs are for the most part a “little out there” for my own personal taste. There are one or two bags I’d consider making, but that’s about it.

I can’t seem myself making any of these designs.

Woah that swan bag is … awesomely strange! I bet it would look fabulous teamed with the skirt from Knitty surprises! :roflhard: