Nicks on Bamboo Needles

:(My name is Stacy and I am new here and I love this site. Everytime I have a problem, I enjoy watching the videos to help figure new stitches out. I have been knitting for a few months and I enjoy knitting on bamboo needles. My new bamboo circular needles appear to have been nicked from repeated stitches though and are not at smooth as I would like. I have considered using a fine grade sandpaper on them to smooth them out, but that is only a guess. Has anyone had this problem before and what should I do to fix it? Thanks in advance for any help

Stacy in Redding, CA

Welcome Stacy!

You say your needles are new, and they are nicked? If it’s possible to return/exchange them, definitely do that first!

Most bamboo needles are finished with a glossy finish that will be ruined with sanding.

But as a last resort, you could sand the nicks out with a fine grade sand paper. You’d want to finish with a 400-grade paper, like in the video on making your own wooden needles (Basic Techniques/More section). You may want to only sand the area(s) that need it, so you have the advantage of the glossy finish on the rest of the needle still. Unless it just seems uneven or ugly.

Good luck!

Wow, I’ll have to have a look at my needles! I usually only knit with bamboo (unless they don’t have a size I need) so I’ll check out and see if I have nicks. I’ve never noticed them before though.

And where do you get bamboo circular needles and dpns?! I can’t find any here in Dublin!

I purchase Bamboo needles only. When i bought size 19 and started to knit i noticed my yarn was catching on one of the needles. Out came my magnifying glass to see what was causing the problem. Sure enough there were several nicks.

I was sort of afraid to take them back to the store where i purchased them at thinking the owner would tell me I did something to them and would not refund or exchange them.

My husband took them back for me. :lol: The owner at the knit shop told him " No problem i have had several returned" She did replace them.

Take your needles back to the store where you purchased them. I bet they had a bad shipment also.

What brand needles are they? Good luck

I did use them working on a hat but I had to be sort of rough since I was working with two wool yarns held together and was knitting two together. I guess if it took you looking under a magnifying glass to see your nicks I have gouches since I can see them and feel them very clearly! I think I saw on Knitty Gritty to use an extra virgin olive oil to restore the sheen to the needles as well as give them smoothness. I wonder if I went and sanded out the nicks and lightly oiled them if I would be ok. They are Clovers Takumi Bamboo. I work at a quilt shop and we sell the needles. I know that we would not have a problem returning them. Is this a problem with this brand or bamboo in general? I just wonder because I saw some glorious needles from Lantern Moon and they were so pretty and I think they were Rosewood but Oh so pricey. Thanks for all your help.

Stacy In Redding California

I was told from the shop owner where i purchased the needles from that the bamboo was bad. The Company that made them told her they received several returns due to the nicks.

I used waxed paper on mine trying to smooth the nicks. I read somewhere that waxed paper often times helps.

Ask the owner at the Quilt Shop to call the company where she purchases the needles from.

Mine were Clover Takumi Bamboo also.

Well, I don’t know where you would get them in Dublin, but the brands that I know of are: Clover, Crystal Palace (many consider these nicer than Clover), and Addi Natura (like Addi turbos, but in bamboo! I’ve never tried these, but I’d like to - the Clover and Crystal Palace cables are fairly stiff and annoying).

Oh yeah, Plymouth (are they also called Sisters, or is that another company?) makes a Bamboo Circular set, like Denise plastic sets or Boye metal sets onyl there are fewer sizes: “Have needles, will travel! Pocket-sized circular needle set only 3.25 x 5.5”

Interchangeable circular needle set includes cords for 18, 24, 32, 40" and shafts for sizes US 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10." Pricier than the Denise or Boye.

Has anyone had any experience with Crystal Palace Circulars, the Addi Naturas or the interchangeable sets? I’d love feedback.

My 2 cents is that the cables of the Clover circulars are a little stiff for my liking. I don’t have Crystal circs. I have one Plymouth circ which I don’t like because of the ‘join’ where the cable meets the needle, there is a knobby bump that catches yarn - the wood is fine tho.

I think Clover dpns are fine, but my Crystal Palace dpns seem slicker. I have single point needles by Brittany, which I love - I’m thinking of getting future dpns by them.

Stacy, I can’t imagine bamboo needles getting nicked from even the roughest handling while simply knitting with them! It sounds like bad bamboo is indeed the problem. I’d definitely return them! Smoothness in needles is their most important attribute!

Egeria, I’m sure you could find a zillion places online to buy bamboos. One place that I know has them is Webs, which is at They sell their own set of interchangeable bamboo’s.

I remember coming upon a thread on, where people were talking about interchangeable needles, including bamboo ones, and their preference. I think they even mentioned the Webs set. So if you’re thinking about interchangeables, you might want to google for that thread.


I always forget about Webs! Their set has one more size and jumper cables - nice! For about the same price too!

I tried to go to knittersreview forums, but it was loading slow, so maybe later. I’ve read some of that thread in the past and I seem to remember that there were people who liked or disliked both the Denise or the Boye, so I tried to ignore personal preference and focus on the quality of the needles. I mean it comes down to if you want plastic or aluminum needles (or I guess bamboo, tho I don’t remember anyone posting that they had a bamboo set). Some people complained about their cables breaking at the join, but they sent the pieces back to the mfr and got a replacement - I think this was for the Denise set. I love knittersreview, but I was hoping some knitters here might have feedback.