Nici McNally Knitting DVDs

Has anyone pre-ordered the second DVD Beyond the Basics? I pre-ordered this DVD in Sept for the 30% discount. In October my credit card was charged and the DVD was to ship, I think in November then it was December, then one day I see on the website that the DVD is due out in the spring. I asked for credit and was told to call a phone number and leave my credit card # on voice mail. I was not comfortable with this. Then not too long ago I was sent a e-mail saying that finally the DVD will ship out Feb 28th. NEVER HAPPENED! :grrr:

Am I the only person out there that is having this trouble? :??

:!!!: Yes, I pre-ordered in March expecting the DVD to ship within a week. I had paid with PayPal and have just asked for a cancelation refund. I hope I can get it immediately without problems. I remember it was scheduled for December; hopefully it’ll come out before next Christmas. And waiting is very uncomfortable because I never got at least a message saying “we’re sorry but it’ll take longer”. Good luck to you and keep us posted.

dun waste your time…get your credit card to get your money back…

can you imagine if one dvd cost $10 and hundreds of people ordered it and the $$ is sitting in their bank earning interest and you never got your stuff… what a scam !

I am also disappointed as I preordered the second DVD and never received it or a refund – it has been 2 years so I agree that Nici is earning interest on money she is holding dishonestly. She should have returned money when asked instead of stopping email replies and information updates.