Nice Gift Boxes?

If anyone has a online source for nice gift boxes(retail quantities please), please post it here. I am sick and tired of buying those crappy little white boxes that now pass for gift boxes! I want the nice ones I remember from my childhood, the ones our mothers and grandmothers saved and reused year after year. I remember wrapping presents with my mom, being oh so careful to not tape the wrapping paper to the box itself. Now, who cares about saving the boxes, as most of them are flimsier than the paper used to wrap them! My search has been fruitless so far, even at stores like “The Paper Factory”, unless you want to buy the predecorated nesting sets. The boxes I’m looking for are “lingerie, shirt, and robe” sized, and I’d prefer them to be white, but other solid colors will work. I’m trying to stay away from the seasonal prints if possible.

The online sources I’ve found so far only sell the nice boxes by the case, and while a lifetime supply would be nice, I just don’t have anyplace to store so many boxes.

There are some stores that sell boxes, but you are right about them selling you way too many. Have you looked at art stores or party stores?
Hat boxes would be an interesting idea if you wanted to go that way. I know they sell them at Michaels and AC Moore.

Here is a site that sells boxes individualy.

Nice gift boxes? :shrug: I’ve never heard of such a thing… :??

Sorry I’m no help…

Doglover, you’ve never heard of nice gift boxes, you’ve got to be pulling my leg. I’ll be 45 later this year, and I still have very clear memories of my mom, and grandmothers saving the nice gift boxes. Most of them came from having presents wrapped at the big department stores, like Macy’s, Lord and Taylor, and even Sears and JC Penny’s. Down here in the southeast my grandmother shopped at Belk’s, and way back then they had nice, sturdy gift boxes, unlike the 10 for $3.00 boxes most commonly found today. The boxes you could buy at the discount dept. stores back then where twice as sturdy as what’s most commonly being sold today. Heck, I can even remember my grand’s saving the ribbon, and bows, some of which were used 3 or more holiday seasons before they were past their prime.

Maybe I’ll go by Belk’s and see what they’re using now, if it’s better than what I’ve been able to find on the stores shelves I’ll just buy some from them.

Spooky, thanks for the links, I’d already been to most of those, but there were 2 I hadn’t heard of before. I did look at what they had, but like I said above I’m going to see what Belk’s has. Keep you fingers crossed for me. If all else fails I’m going to start using pretty cookie tins for the dishcloths and handtowels I knit for gifts. That would be a gift box they can put to good use. And they can be personalized with paintpens, rubber stamps, etc., making it a gift within a gift.

Save all your yarn labels. I use them to deco a regular shoe box. Then I place my hand knitted item in the box. The “ribbon” is an i-cord bow of some sorts. The box is decorative and is appreciated by other knitters.

If I am giving a knitted gift to a non-knitter I use the plain white boxes wrapped in brown paper. Then I use an i-cord for ribbon and make a nice tassel.

Garden Ridge sells hat boxes and such but they are usually pricey. My thoughts are the details of wraping. I add cedar to wool knits, care instructions and details of the hand knit item. Use nice looking tissue paper. Everyone likes the i-cord and the tassels. They can be reused.

If it is a small item, then knit a pretty drawstring bag. Or sew one from silk.

Or try

Sells very nice packaging and stationary.

I have been looking for nice boxes too! The boxes you get today from a store like Nordstrom are just right…nice and sturdy, no assembly required. I just want some plain ones that don’t have a store logo on them!

It seems an oxymoron to put something you’ve worked so hard on into one of those flimsy boxes that come folded flat. I tried various stores while out and about, including The Container Store, party stores, paper goods stores, craft stores, etc.

I’ll check out the online links that were posted and hopefully find something nice that doesn’t cost more than the yarn!!

Maybe there is a boutique owner in your area that would be willing to split a case with you?

We get a catalog from the above company every so often. These might be what you’re looking for, but 25 still might be too many for what you need, and I’m not certain what shipping would be, and I’m not sure if they sell to retailers only or the “general public.”

Ahhhhhh…I totally know what you’re talking about. I worked in the gift wrap dept. at Marshall Field’s for 10 years. When I started, we had those lovely, lovely boxes and over those 10 years they were phased out…too pricey (to buy and to store – folded boxes take up so much less space). People were so, so irate about it too. sigh Once in a while a box of the old, nice boxes would pop up and we’d have to fight the urge to hoard them for ourselves instead of giving them out to customers. :roflhard:

I would never pull the leg of a fellow knitter :teehee: Nope, I don’t know what they look like. Maybe if I saw a picture of what we’re talking about it would jog my memory, but as I recall from my youth all we ever got were the flimsy-white-folded-store-named boxes.

Having 6 kids probably made my mother skimp and save on the cheapy boxes. :shrug: I really don’t know…