NH knitters

Anyone from NH

My mum lives on cape cod. We go visit her eveyr summer. Any good yarn shops in NH? Are youclose to WEBS?

Not from NH,…but hello from Massachusetts!! (30 miles north of Boston)

Also from Northern MA, I am about 10 mins from Salem, NH and 20 from Plaistow.

We love to visit Patternworks in Center Harbor, NH every year when we go up north for vacation. They have a wonderful website too and a beautiful paper catalog. You can find them here.


[COLOR=blue]Hi from Maine![/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]sebago, ME[/COLOR]

I’m in Nashua, where in NH are you??

I just moved from Laconia, NH…to North Carolina!! LOL- I keep trying to find someone to help me learn to knit. Now looking here for someone,

In candia where are you

Small world - I work in Nashua and live in Nashua. Good to see some fellow knitters around here!

I’m from Raymond…helloooo there!

Such a small world - I used to live in Raymond!

I’m up in the North Conway area.

I was in Patternworks yesterday :slight_smile: Their yarn is so much nicer than Wal-Mart


Nashua here too!

I live in Meredith. There is a wonderful yarn shop in Center Harbor 4 miles from here. There is also a shop in Concord, NH which is quite a hike but they have a lot. We also located a shop in Gilford, NH in the same building as Pepi Hermann’s crystal shop on Rte 11. They have a lot of yarns from VT and also offer classes. I have a scandiavian sweater in the works - a long time project. In digging through stuff I found I had quite a stash of forgotten yarns so made lots of mittens and hats for Christmas.