Next row cast on

Hello everyone;
Can anyone tell me what is meant by adding cast on stitches at the beginning of a row and how you would do this?
My pattern is a softly striped cozy throw. :wink:
After doing 24 rolls knit the pattern says
"increasing section: next row (RS): cast on 12 sts., knit to end.
next row cost on 12 sts, k12, p12

Anyway, I do not know what type of cast on I should use here.

There are several you could do; the one that I usually pick (because it works for me and is easy for me) is to make a loop over my thumb and then put the needle into that loop and slip it off my thumb onto the needle. It might be called a thumb loop cast or something. Anyway, then when I knit those new stitches (in your case, 12 at the beginning of the one row, and then 12 at the beginning of the next row), I would knit or purl them (whatever the pattern said) through the back loop. This makes a little neater of a stitch for me.

You can also use a knitted or cable cast-on. Any one of the single-strand cast-ons will work.

I recommend the knit or cable CO; backwards loop usually leaves a lot of loopy mess and excess yarn if you use it for more than a couple sts. Put the needle with the sts into the left hand, look at the videos for them, and imagine the sts are ones you’ve already cast on.

I’m working on the same pattern. Go to I found this site to be very helpful.

Annette or anyone whom might be making the pattern called “SOFTLY STRIPED COZY THROW” . I purchased the yarn at Jo-Anns, it is called Rainbow Boucle Patterns Self-Patterning Boucle.
I took the throw that we are both making back to Joann’s today as it just does not look like it can come out right—the knit experts at Joanns could not find a picture and I cannot either. If you know where I could find a picture so I would know if I am doing it right or if anyone else might be making this throw?? The very nice help at Jo-Anns read the pattern and they said I was doing it according to the directions therefore it should come out okay. This will be a lot of work if it does not come out right. I would just like some more assurance if possible before I continue.
Thank you, Mary

Thanks much Ingrid. I came back on to give that email address out as I also finally found it after much more searching.

i just wanna add up with what knittogether is talking about. there is a video here. and here’s what it means its M1A - make 1 away. An Increase

Hello everyone,

I am just as frustrated as you are. I am trying to knit this oattern and it is starting to look like it is going to be a mess. The directins are not very clear as to how to cast on the twelve stitches and still have it look like something of an throw. I did the 24 rows and started adding the stitched and by the time I got to the nine block stafe it was looking pretty sad. Then it really doesn’t tell you how far to go before casting off the the twelve stitches until you are at the last set of twelve. Anyone ever finish this pattern to let us know how it look and how you add on the stitches?


Thank r1andee:knitting: :waving:

I’ve seen other patterns like this where you cast on, knit several rows, cast on more, etc. adding more blocks. It ends up being knit diagonally and the sts will be cast off. Read ahead in the pattern.