Next project

I’ve finally managed to knit a baby sized cardigan that didn’t look like garbage seen at and i’m hoping to find a baby pull-over sweater, i’m not too particular on the style, but i can’t find anything basic enough to just let me learn the shaping. i’ll worry about adding in patterns to it later. if there is any pattern someone can point me towards please help. Thanks in advance

Do you know about ? They have a gazillion free patterns, many of which are for babies and toddlers.

I think the cardigan is wonderful, and I liked the way you did the seems.


:cheering: Thank you Ingrid for website. I’m going to try thePink Pullover Sweater. Indian Princess, you’re too kind. I judge how well it turned out by wether or not i’d be willing to wear it…I wouldn’t wear that cardigan. In a day or two i’ll have Me vs. Suss Knit kit (Round 2) on my flickr. I altered the pattern a bit and used dirt cheap pound O’ acrylic yarn instead of the nice baby soft cotton suss gave in her kit. Thank you both again, and have fun.