Next Project: Textured Cotton Chenille Sweatshirt

This is my next project. I did a swatch last night to see if I have the stitch down and it’s super easy!!! I did it in Yarn Bee (Dreamy Chenille yarn) in Dusty Lilac color. It’s beautiful, even my husband loved it.

The pattern is free at

I really like the sweater and the stitch pattern! I will bookmark that pattern. :cheering:

Jillie your pup’s adorable! :muah:
:smiley: Name and breed please!

Really looks nice. Can’t wait to see your sweater!!

Aww…Thanks! Her name is Scout and she is a 3 1/2 pound Chihuahua. We have two other dogs, but she is our baby! What’s your cute pup’s name?

Don’t you just love small dogs?!? Large ones too, I love 'em all!

My baby (at left is Cricket [also below]). Here are all my babies (below) and more on my Flickr Album (Pepper, Cricket, Ripley, Peanut).

Anyone interested in making this pattern, remember to make the ribbing first, the pattern omits that! I was on my 4 row or so before I realized it! :doh:

Love your little pup :heart:

Love this pattern too, just ordered some chenille and want to give it a try. My list keeps growing…

Ginny I looooooooove your pup! A Maltese, right? What’s his/her name?

Yup, that is TY :heart: He is ALMOST 2 and totally adored!!

Well he has one new fan in Houston! :wink:


It looks very comfy!! It is GORGEOUS!!! Can’t wait to see yours!!!

I’m afraid I may have made this too small, is there a way I can increase without undoing the whole thing? I’ve finished the back, and it’s just a square, there were no armhole decreases, or neck shaping. I guess since it’s a sweatshirt, I don’t know. Also that puffy stitch I think MIGHT be possible to do sideways without standing out too much, but then there’s the purl rows and ribbing…ayayayayay!!!

Any ideas? I thought I might start the front one size bigger and increase the back the way I mentioned above, but I still consider myself a novice and I don’t know if or HOW I can. At worst I guess I’ll just have to lose the weight I have been meaning to lose anyway just to fit into this project which I have put so much work into! :rofl:

I’ve never made a sweater, except for my dog sweaters :D, so I’m REALLY looking forward to being able to wear something I have made OTHER than a scarf!

BTW, this is SUCH a simple pattern and it looks so complicated…AND I’m loving the lumpy texture! I’m done with the back and the front is halfway done. :happydance:

i love the way this looks! :heart: i have decided this will be the first thing i make for me… thanks for sharing!

JIC anyone’s watching this post, I’m having a sleeve issue, which is probably something simple, but it’s my first sleeve so I’m perplexed.

I’ve posted the question here.

Issue solved, it was actually pretty simple and I cover it here

JIC anyone’s interested in making this sweater.

FO!!! :woohoo: