Next project challenge for a beginner

Hello! I am a new knitter who is needing a break from scarves. I’ve knit ribbed ones, big chunky ones, fuzzy ones, you name it. Now I need something new. The only other type of thing I’ve knitted is a wrist band (from Stitch and Bitch); I started a hat on New Year’s but didn’t go very far before I lost interest - not the hat’s fault, but probably the terrible head cold’s fault! I could go back to it, but I thought I’d put this challenge to people.

So, here goes. I list what I have for yarn & needles below. What would you suggest I make? Any creative ideas to help me use what I have and maybe even get some new skills before I go out and get more supplies?

I have:
Size 8, 10, and 17 straight needles
Size 8 circular bamboo needles (a gift - I haven’t used them yet)
1 skein of what is probably worsted weight white yarn (another gift, w/no info attached but I’m guessing it’s a poly/cotton blend)
I small skein of fine light brown yarn (it’s old & I lost the info - probably wool)

I would love to hear what people suggest! Thanks for giving it a thought!


I have a tendency to keep about 3 projects running at one time. I have one mindless project that I can do while I watch TV. I have one complex project that I do just for fun. And I have one educational project so I can learn something new.

So my question is, what is it that you want to learn how to do next?
Do you want to learn Cables? Or maybe short rows? How about lace?

Think about where it is you want your knitting to go and then select something that gets you there.

Well, you could go back to the hat or another pattern, with the circs, that would give you some experience in using them.

If you wanted to try knitting lace this is a quick and fairly simple pattern to follow. Something I might actually knit for my neice if she’s interested in the finished project. ( Twelve year old diva fashionista that she is I run things past her before casting on. And yes I’m rolling my eyes as I type that.)
This hat pattern is pretty straight forward and basic if you find your other hat dissinteresting. AND it calls for circular needles, as well as double pointed to finish it off. You’d get to use your circular needles, but I don’t know if you have doublepointed… I’ll assume that your needles listed are in American guage and close enough to those listed for this pattern size wise.

I just did two scarves in entrelac technique. There’s an interesting way to learn short rows! And to use up odds and sods project leftovers.

Wish you happy knitting.


These are all great ideas and things to think about - thank you!

Oh yeah, you’re so ready to move up to something more challenging. Try a flat knit hat or baby booties.