Next project after scarf?

What do you guys suggest as my next step into beginners knitting, I’ve already made several scarfs

Hats, mittens, fingerless gloves/handwarmers… Look at the Whatcha Knittin’ board and pictures of what other people are doing for ideas. What do you want to do?


hand warmers sound fun

After I knit two scarves I made a simple hat (to practise on dpns) and then went ahead and knitted a simple turtleneck. It turned out really well and I’m wearing it alot! I was a bit scared to try a garment so quickly, but it went very smoothly - I think I only needed to scream for help here twice. :oops:

I’m now working on my first pair of socks and a booga bag. Next on the agenda is a pair of knucks.

Cinny -

The Voodoo Wristwarmers (here from are very easy hand warmers and would be a good next project. and are two great sites to look for patterns.

Good Luck!