News: TSA to Allow Small Scissors

Did y’all see today’s press report that TSA is going to allow small scissors < 4" through airport security? Blunt scissors have been ok, but this will be even better.

Do they have to be blunt, though? I’m going on a long plane ride soon and I have some small sissors that are only 2" long, but they’re pointy and I could totally stab someone with them if I wanted to. Not that I often stab people…

I don’t suppose needles are allowed? I never took them with me when I traveled…

I believe you can take knitting needles now. My sister swears that she took her knitting on the plane this year.

knitting needles have never been banned as far as I know. Ive traveleld with my knitting several times with no problem.

Needles are totally ok on planes. I flew over the holiday and took bamboo straights and circs on my carry-on without a second glance. I did put my metals in my checked bag just to be safe. I also bought one of the Clover cutting medallion thingys and carried that back with no problems. They are a great substitute for scissors.

However, I did print the page from TSA’s website that says they are allowed - just in case!

Oh - if you do knit on the plane I would recommend sitting by the window so you don’t get thirty million questions while you are trying to count your short rows for the clogs!! :rollseyes:

Needles are allowed, no problem and blunt scissors are allowed, too – both are listed as ok on the current TSA website. Yesterday’s announcement was of a change in policy that they will soon allow any scissors shorter than 4" (and screwdrivers shorter than 7"). I didn’t catch when the change will take effect (and something implied it would not be immediate), so should probably check the website before taking anything other than blunt ones.