News: Cell Phone Stalking

How scary is this?

That is freaky scary!:oo:

I am SO glad I don’t have a cell phone anymore…this is TOO scary!!! :pout:

I must admit, I’m one of the skeptical ones. It reminds of the over-the-top pranks in the Scare Movie series.

i can believe it - if you can have someone remotely access your computer and take it over (more commonly used for work networks and help centers, but still), why couldnt someone do the same to your cell phone?

That is the scariest thing I have ever heard of happening in real life.

I think its really happening to them but I think it must be someone they know. I mean why are only they the ones this is happening too? Must be some sick teenagers. Still scary.

Gotta agree here. Some sick teenagers playing with them. The kids doing it probably think its funny, and as they said they will have a job waiting for them when they come out of jail.

That’s really scray. But I doubt that its some teenader pulling a prank because the level of technology needed to do some of those things is great. If it is a teenager then they must be highly advanced to be able to pull some of those things off that the police can’t even replicate.

Even if it is a prank that is one seriously diturbed teenager that could still be capable of commiting some of these terrible acts that they speak of in the messages ,I think it could be a very bad mistake to underestimate the intetions of this person .

From what I understand it’s not impossible… but very unlikely. In any case, as usual, there are easy ways to protect your cell phone against that.

The best way is to get a cell phone without a camera, bluetooth, and avoid web browsing. Better to have a password to access your voicemail too. Of course the problem is that it’s getting harder to get these “basic” phone. But they do exist.

If you can’t live without all the gadgets, there are software to protect your cell phone. For the newer phones it’s certainly a good idea.

I do find it strange that despite all this stalking and scary stuff, this family still got cell phones with cameras. :rollseyes: I mean… if the kid can still see what’s going on in the house without any camera phone around, it’s clear he/she is spying using other means.

In one article I read about this case, one specialist suggested that the young 16 year old kept reinfecting her new cellphone by downloading the same stupid ringtone infected with a virus. :rollseyes: