Newby to Knitting in North Carolina

Hi everyone. I am new to knitting and I love it. I want to share and learn more. I will ask many questions so be patient with me.

I would also like to start a knitting circle; I live in the Raleigh area. The meeting place would be Starbucks at the new Target behind Triangle Square Mall.

If interested, email me at

Thanks :XX:

Welcome to KH! This is a great board.

I wish I could come and join your knitting circle. But alas, I live in the Charlotte area. :crying: Hope you have a great time!

Hiya! Welcome to the board! We have a blast here, but watch out for the Naughty Gang (ringleader…Beldie!)

Good luck with your knitting group, I’d go but as I live in Ireland I think the commute would be a little hectic!

:cheering: Another Raleigh knitter…hooray!!! :happydance: I obviously live in Raleigh as well and knitting is the best thing EVER “created”!! :XX:

I find my name in a post titled: Newby to Knitting in North Carolina. I think that deserves a medal or something.

By the way, don’t listen to the others. I’m not naughty. Egeria has it mixed up with knotty. Yep, I like knots. That’s right. Nuthin’ else to read here. You can stop reading now. I am really a boring individual. How’s the weather in North Carolina? I am a few time zones away, so I won’t be able to join your knitting group. Good luck with it.

Welcome to the BEST WEBSITE IN THE WORLD…I am also from NC…but located in Mount Airy; however, we’ve lived here just 3 1/2 years…our “home” is in the Dunn/Erwin area…35 minutes from Raleigh and we’ll be back there to live in a few years…our family still lives there and we travel back and forth every other weekend.

You’ll enjoy Amy’s website…it is very helpful to newbies and oldies :cheering: And Belde…the weather in NC is absolutely beautiful so far this week…sunny and in the upper 70’s…gorgeous…and I should be doing yardwork but instead I am :XX:


Beldie, how DID you gain this reputation? That’s really a shame… :shifty:

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. The weather in NC is fantastic right now. I have no complaints.

Everyone have a knitful day.

Welcome, welcome. As you can see from your other replies, this is a VERY fun, friendly, crazy place :thumbsup: Hope you enjoy it here.