Newby needs help

i’ve been teaching myself how to knit by watching youtube videos. i’m making a discloth. i just completed a row where i YO and K2 together. i’m stuck on row#4 which says… AND ALL EVEN NUMBERED ROWS: knit across

i’m not sure what to do here? please help, thank you

Your right side rows are 1,3,5 etc (odd numbers) these rows will have “instructions”.
The even numberd rows 2,4 6 etc (wrong side) will ALL be knit every stitch.
If you look closely at your pattern I bet is says
row 3:
row 4: and all even numbered rows knit across
row [COLOR=red]5[/COLOR]
row[COLOR=red] 7[/COLOR]
row [COLOR=red]9[/COLOR]

thank you 4 the quick response. after reading your reply i see that there’s no row# 6, 12, 14 etc listed in the pattern. okay i got it!
many thanks!

You are very welcome ! AND … welcome to KH. I have gone from a very beginner 5 years ago to being able to knit most anything, thanks to the wonderful people on this site. I am thankful that now I can be answering a few questions instead of asking so many !! Again, welcome and this is the place to get all your questions answered, and a smile and a hug .