Newborn Sweater Set

I finished this set a few weeks ago. It is easy to run up and I just love the popcorn stitch. You can use it for a boy or a girl. I can’t read what book the pattern came out of as I only have a photocopy of it. If someone wants it, I will type it in for them.

Oh that came out so cute!

Thanks. The blanket is just a plain old dish rag pattern. You know, you cast on 4 stitches, knit a row and on the next row you k2, yo, and knit to the end. Make the blanket as big as you want (measure from cast on tip to needles) and when you get the size you want (usually 26" for a newborn), start decreasing by k1, k2tog, yo, k2tog, knit to end. When you get down to 4 stitches again knit one row across and then cast off. The holes in the pattern are the perfect size to put 1/4" satin ribbon through. It makes a cute blanket if you use verigated yarn as well. Kind of looks like a rainbow.

Very cozy looking. I love the way the booties look with that stitch.



Looks great and makes such a lovely gift.

A lucky baby is getting a gorgeous gift!

Adoreable x

Aww that’s a fantastic set! :inlove:

Very cute set, and the work on it looks very nice. Love white on babies.

That is really cute!! Great job :happydance:

How sweet!

You’ve been busy. This set is very sweet.

I always have some knitting on the go. It’s just a question of when it’s finished… but so far I only have one project that is in mothballs because I have no earthly idea how to finish it. It is an Aaron knit sweater and has nine patterns across. I got as far as the neckline on the front and can’t get any farther. It is really hard to describe in writing. One fine day I will finish it for the hubby, I hope!!!


I love knitting baby sweaters.

What a lovely gift!

Mama Bear

I would love a copy of this pattern. please send me the pattern for the yellow baby sweater and booties.

Going to the trailer for a few days and then when I come back I will post the pattern here for you, unless there is a special place we are supposed to post patterns.

thanks. I cant wait for the psttern.

I’m looking forward to the sweater pattern too! Everything is so lovely. What yarn did you use for the blanket?

See PATTERN CENTRAL for complete pattern. I finally got the time to type it all in for you. I hope you enjoy knitting this outfit as much as I did. Thanks!