Newborn Size Socks

I basically want to whine because I’ve finally come across something in knitting that I don’t like to do - wrap and turn. I’m working on the Frilly Tops socks in Cute Kits for Baby Feet. All the socks in this book have W&T, except for the baby booties, which are knit flat (and turned out adorable!).

I’ve knit several pairs of socks over the years, but this is the first pattern I’ve come across that has wrap and turn. I don’t like W&T. I don’t like the process, I don’t like the way it feels, I don’t like keeping up with the wraps and then having to ‘hide’ them, but most of all I don’t like how it looks.

So, what can I do different and still get similar results? Can I do the short row without doing the W&T? Or is there a better method for a baby sock? I’m only talking about a few stitches and a few rows here, because this is a newborn size sock.

japanese short row…(without the pins) thats the only one i use anymore…the seams seem to go invisible…sorta…

Interesting! I don’t think I’ve heard of this before, but I will google it.

heres the link to the tut that i learned from a long time ago…i just went there and the pics are gone but the videos are there and the written instructions are there…

hope this helps

Thanks, Melissa. That is a great tutorial. It is explained well and has good pictures.