Newborn scarfette -- how long around a baby's neck?

I’m whipping up a quick baby set of scarf, hat, and booties for the newborn in the flat below us – how long should I make the section that goes around the baby’s neck? It’s a “keyhole” scarf, the kind where you put one end of the scarf through a hole in the other end of the scarf, and I don’t want to put the keyhole right up under the baby’s chin (to allow for spitting up room and such), so a crossing over the baby’s collarbone, maybe?

I was thinking…about eleven inches? Does that sound right? Thanks in advance!

:think: I’ve never seen a scarf on a newborn–they really don’t have much of a neck.

Maybe just booties and hat then…that’ll save some time. :slight_smile:

I think I would give the scarf a miss. Hat and bootees would be much appreciated by any new Mum tho.

I found a supposedly five hour sweater pattern – about how big is a baby’s neck, I think I don’t have gauge here, and I think it looks a bit small so far…?

I’m probably just a worrywart, but I’d hesitate to put a scarf on a baby anyway. I’d be worried it might get caught on something and choke the poor kid!

Yeah, that was my thought. I wouldn’t put a scarf on an infant or even a toddler.

Here’s some size charts for babies.

LOL – you know, I was making a hat, and there are little knitted and crocheted flowers I decided to decorate it with, and I thought, oooh, it’d be so pretty to put crystal bicones in the center of each one…and then I thought, what am I, [I]nuts[/I]? :wink:

ETA: thanks for the links, Jan!

I’m with Jan and Maria. I would never put a scarf on a baby…to scary to think of.

I’ll chime in too, although I think you’ve received good advice. I wouldn’t make a scarf for a baby (or toddler), I don’t even put ties on baby hoodies and if I use a tie closure on a sweater it’s barely long enough to tie.