Newborn Romper

Hi, I’m looking for a pattern for a newborn-sized romper/playsuit. I saw the cutest pattern in a book I have (Forever Favorites from Leisure Arts). It’s a one piece outfit with footed legs, a few buttons on the front, and long sleeves. It would be a perfect daytime outfit for my expected January blessing. One problem! Directions are only given for 3-6 month size.

I have searched the internet and found quite a few patterns, but they’re all for larger sizes as well. Does anyone know of a similar newborn pattern?

Or can anyone suggest a really good way to alter the pattern to fit a newborn instead? Would I need to just use smaller needles or would I have to complete recalulate all the numbers? (That’s not going to happen! :roflhard:)

Thanks for any help.

Being on the lazy size, I would try going down a yarn weight and seeing what the measurements come out based on your gauge with the new weight.

What about this one?
It looks like it’s made in worsted based on the gauge. I would think if you made it in baby or fingering yarn it would be smaller, but I haven’t done it.

Here’s another one.
This one could made in a girly color if you wanted, too.

You can also get books from the library if you find one you like.

Thanks, ladies. I had considered going down a needle size or two to see what happens. The links have cute outfits, but I really need something with long legs and long sleeves…since it’ll be cold when I’m using them. I hadn’t thought about seeing what the library has, though, so thanks for the idea!

OH! I didn’t realize you meant one of that type. My mind immediately thought “Onsie”.

Maybe if you made this on something other than “YIKES!” colors it would be really cute. :teehee:

Here’s another (striped one I think)

This one isn’t free, but I had to share it because it’s so darn cute!

Jan, that last pattern for a romper is so cute, almost wish I was pregnant so I would have baby to make one for.

Thanks for those other links, Jan. I had actually found the first two yesterday (and I think the “YIKES” colors are cute! :yay:) But again, the smallest size is 3 months instead of newborn. What do you think would happen if I went one to two needle sizes smaller? I hate to waste time knitting something that ends up not fitting, and I’m at a loss how best to adapt the patterns I’m finding.

And that third one you send is super cute! I think that might definitely be worth 4.50… :knitting: But it’s still the wrong size! :eyes:

In my family, baby clothing labeled 3-6 mos [I][B]is [/B][/I]newborn size. :roll:

Hi, Teresa, I know what you mean about big babies. It seems more and more now newborns aren’t very tiny.

I’m not falling into the new crowd though. My first was 7 pounds even, and my 2nd was 5lbs 12oz. We had a terrible time finding clothes that didn’t swallow him. We bought several things labeled “preemie” and he still drowned in them!

I think going down a needle size would help, but make sure the fabric doesn’t get too stiff.

I’d rather have them a little large and have to roll up the sleeves so a little bigger is better IMO. :shrug: