Newborn legwarmers?

I’m wanting to knit some newborn legwarmers and hopefully a pair for my 5 year old as well. Could I just knit a rectangle and seam up the side??All of the patterns I’ve found seem overwhelming right now. And would the newborn ones knit up ok in Caron simply soft of should I use the wool I have?:??

Yep, you could. Either lengthwise in garter stitch or widthwise in ribbing so they’d be stretchy.

And I’d go with the Caron Simply Soft because it washes and dries extremely well. Unless the wool you have is superwash, you’d have to hand wash the wool garments and lay them flat to dry (not too big of a hassle, but with [at least] two kids, it might be more of a hassle than you’d like right now).

I’ve made many a baby blanket in Caron Simply Soft, and the moms I gave them to raved about how well they withstood not only the loving “abuse” of their children but also the more practical necessity of being washed and dried umpteen-thousand times!

I watched a video on knitting in the round and I think I could do it,just need some smaller needles(I only have 11s that were give to me). For the leg warmers,I might do a few rows of ribbing and then garter…I’ll just give it a go!

Yeah, I’m sure you can knit in the round, it just takes some getting used to and getting the stitches joined to your satisfaction. A big plus is that you won’t need to do any seaming. [I]If[/I] you choose to use circular needles, be sure to check out the various ways of Knitting in the Round in the Free Videos section. You can use longer cables for small diameter knitting and don’t have to worry about having needles short enough to knit for baby legs. I’m not saying you should do circs rather than dpn but the videos are good to watch to help you make a choice. Enjoy!

What should the dimensions be of the newborn legwarmers?Also,kids size?

For the dimensions, it might be best if you measure the kiddo’s legs and then create something that loosely fits around them. I imagine you’ll need some ribbing at top and bottom to keep them up. Just make sure it isn’t too tight.

I just ran a quick search at and the first pattern that popped up was Legwarmies. It will give you pretty good idea of what you want to do. It calls for dpn I saw but could easily be done on circular needles. If you want to knit it flat and seam, add an extra stitch on each edge. There is probably a pattern to knit flat then seam too.

ETA: If you knit the child’s size first you could then size the pattern down as needed for the baby. HTH

I started knitting them flat…I’ll try another pair when I get some circular needles.ANyway,when I’m done,what would be the best stitch to use to seam them?I used whip stitch on the hat I just finished and don’t really love how noticeable the seam is,but it’ll be ok.Any ideas?

Look at the video for mattress stitch.

Could you also do a 3 needle bind off on the second pair? That way there really isn’t a seam. There is a video on how to do it.

Thanks!I’ve done the mattress stitch before but it’s been a while!!I may use that!

Never heard of a 3 needle bind off…I’ll have to look into that.

The 3-needle bind off would work if they are knit the long way and if so it’s a great idea. If she’s knitting across the short way, they’ll have to be seamed.

I went and bought some sz 8 circular needles and am trying to learn to knit in the round.I’ve cast on 26 and from what I’m reading, I’m supposed to spread the stitches out along the cable but I don’t have enough stitches…I don’t understand how to join either…booo

If the cord on your circ. needles is flexible enough, you can do magic loop. Watch this video to see how it’s done. And if you keep watching, Amy will show you how to join in the round.

Take a look and see what you think.

Yeah, you’ll have to do magic loop, or single loop.

How long is your circ and what kind of cable does it have? The brand could tell us what the cable is like.

They are just really cheap Yarnology plastic circulars…I believe 26"

Then you’ll need to do single loop with them, they’re a little short for Magic Loop.