Newborn 2 needle sweater pattern

Hi everyone, I am back into the groove of :knitting:Now I have committed to newborn stuff…I have checked all of my “vintage patterns” all of on-line patterns, etc…I need a simple/quick newborn “something” like sweater or sacque…Problem is I don’t have time to do pieces…1 back 1 front, 2 arms etc…Anyone have a simple 2 needle thing to do??? :eyes: My vintage patterns are very nice, but very complicated:zombie::zombie:…Thanks:happydance:

There’s one called the 5 hour baby sweater or quick baby sweater. It’s knit top down with no seams except for the sleeves, and can be done on straight needles. You can make the top plain instead of with bobbles.

There are a lot of simple “2” needle baby cardigans, but many of them have you do the sleeves on DPNs. If you can work around that or adapt the pattern here’s a few links.

Thanks guys…Trying a few out:cheering: