Hi Everyone

It is marvellous to be on this site, to see there are so many knitters with all great FO!!!

I am from Singapore; and knitting in public is very very very rare!!! I got Hooked and I knit on the train (Mass Rapid Transit), bus journey, outing with husband! I knit whenever i am free, even doing my stomach massage (slimming wrap) while watch the TV Programmes…

My have finished about 8 (simple) scarves and a bonnet for my helpers (for my wedding) and covers for all my remote controls!!! Current WIP are poncho and a simple shrug and hope to complete it before honeymoon.

will take photo clips, when my husband return me the camera…

I have also order from Knit Picks and hope my stuff will arrive next week! Very Excited!


welcome to the forum!!! How awesome that Knit Picks ships to Singapore!!! You’re a lucky knitter!

Looking forward to seeing your photos and hope you have a wonderful honeymoon!!! :slight_smile:


Actually, they don’t ship to Singapore but there is a “so-called” middleman office that KnitPicks can send to and they will ship it to Singapore!!!

Hope to get the pics up by next week!!! You too have a great weekend ahead!


Welcome to a wonderful knitting community :muah: Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I look forward to seeing your pictures. That is so great that you knit in public. Do people approach you and ask questions? How do you find your supplies - online? It’s so interesting and exciting to communicate with a fellow knitter half-way around the world!

Have a wonderful wedding and honeymoon. Please keep us posted and make sure to post some pictures too!

Sue :waving:

Welocme to the marvelous obsessive world of knitting!

I look forward to your pictures, it sounds like you’ve been very busy!

Susanc & AnreeAce

I am so excited to receive replies from you all!!! People here they don’t approach you but they look at what you are doing and it will become a topic when two friends saw what you are doing. Once I am on the train with my husband, he told me that the lady opposite of us was either staring at what i am doing or maybe my blouse is too low cut (is impossible)!!! So far, I only seem once a lady KIP!!!

Buying is an experience cos we can’t feel the yarn physically and there is always first time! let’s see how my first shipment when it arrives.

will put it up soon!!!


Welcome!! Maybe you’ll start a trend in Singapore–it can become the public knitting capital of the world! :teehee:

I read a blog by an Indonesian girl who now lives in Singapore with her husband. She knit, crochets, you name it… she post lots of pictures of her knitting projects. If you’re interested, I can post the link to her blog and maybe you can get in touch with her to ask how she gets her yarn.

BTW, I :heart: Singapore!!! I think it’s one of the greatest place in Asia to live. It’s so clean, the food is amazing, and the shopping is wonderful!!! I don’t mind one bit if my job will take me to Singapore one day.

Hi Jakoh:

I can imagine that it would be very hard to pick out yarn without feeling it ~ I know I would have a very hard time having to purchase it that way. That’s great that people take an interest in what you are doing. Hopefully the more you KIP people will ask questions and will become interested in knitting! Like Ingrid said, Singapore can become the public knitting capitol of the world! Or at least it can become popular :cheering:.

I look forward to reading your next posting.

Keep in touch! :hug:

Susan C.

Welcome :smiley:
It’s so fun to see people from all over the world all together right here on this board!

Goodluck with your wedding!!

:waving: welcome to the forum!!

Welcome aboard! :cheering:

Hi Jakoh:

If you ever cannot find a yarn or if you need help in finding one, let me know. I would be willing to ship it to you ~ I could find out how much it would cost to ship it to you and let you know and then you could pay me and I would then ship it to you. I can imagine it must be very hard to find things there in Singapore!

Good luck with your wedding and have a wonderful day. When is it?

Please post pictures!

Keep us posted!

Susan C. :waving:

Thanks all!!!

Hi Susanc

My wedding date is 3rd October 06… In Chinese Customs, we have a strings of tradition to follow… but we try to cut down here and there…

I will post my FO by next week… still knitting fast to finish my existing yarns! Thanks in advance!

Here, kIP is not common, Men to knit, is WORST!!! only a handful or one if you visit the yarn shop!

Mulene, Dustinac & Pink Dandelion

Yes!!! I love this forum! It is International!!!


Welcome to Singapore…Though is abit hot here, this is a small place where you cannot find eating place that we call “Hawker Centre” and coffee shop and many more!!! Of course shopping is no problem, as we only shop for one season, that is sunny and rain occasionally!!!

Let me know if you have a chance to visit Singapore!!! Will bring you to the “Heartland” where majority of the Singaporeans stay in; with all sort of facilities around them…


Hi Jakoh:

I do hope you finish your knitting projects before your wedding ~ I’m sure you will! I look forward to seeing your pictures. I would love to travel to Singapore some day! I really have not done that much travelling outside the USA which is a shame ~ there is such a big, interesting world out there and so much to learn from people of other cultures. I enjoy watching those types of programs on television and dream of travelling to some of those places some day!

It is so great that you are taking up knitting and I hope that it catches on there! Even if it doesn’t, I think it’s great. You can pass it on to your children!

I look forward to seeing your pictures!

Cheers! :muah:

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