Newbie's Swatch

Just thought I’d share the first piece of knitting I didn’t end up unravelling in frustration. You can tell how off my tension is. I feel like I finally got the hang of knitting and purling continental style

Comments welcome. :smiley: Happy Saturday

Sorry! Forgot to add the actual swatch in my previous post!

Nice job! I have a swatch that looks almost exactly like that floating around from the weekend I taught myself continental knitting too :slight_smile: Mine’s also in gray and is a series of rows of stockinette, ribbing, moss stitch too :slight_smile:

Hi Glitzy, nice swatch! You’re tension looks good to me. It’s natural for the swatch to come out different widths with those different stitch patterns…

Amy :slight_smile:

Thanks yellowness and Amy. Now I just have to figure out what to do for my first project .

Hi Glitzy,

Nice swatch! ( Did that sound dirty? LMAO )I’m working on a swatch like that too. Except, today after I had numerous garter stitch and stockinette stitch rows…I started on ribbing. Well, apparently I wasn’t paying attention, because even though I was always holding the yarn right, I wasn’t necessarily do the knit and purl stitches. Anways, I got frustrated, and ended up ripping everything out…ARGGGG LOL

I’ve started again though, and hope to post a pic soon :smiley: After I get these basic stitches down, I’d like to try the whole joining new colors/new yarn and knitting with different colors. Looks real hard at this point though.

I’m stumped as what to do for my first project too LOL

There are lots of cool ideas on the site under knitty gritty. If you look at the episode titled “3-way rectangles” there’s a list, I think.

To name a few: scarf, poncho, shawl, shrug, wrap, bean bag, wrist wrap…etc.