Newbie With Amigurumi Question

I’ve been knitting for a few years now and decided to teach myself to crochet after seeing an Amigurumi book. I thought I had it all figured out, but now I’ve come to a pattern with a back post stitch and I think I might be crocheting inside out - if that’s even possible -since the raised row of stiches ended up on the inside of my animal instead of the outside.

I’m not sure how to describe this, but if you picture crocheting a bowl-shaped item, I am working on the edge furthest away from me, with the inside of the bowl facing me. I’ve watched a couple videos on You Tube, and some of them are crocheting the same way I am, but some are crocheting on the side of the bowl closest to them, so the side of the work that is facing them would actually be the oustide of the item.

So…am I doing this all wrong? It just seemed that the yarn naturally curved a certain way and I just followed it. I’m guessing it might not matter much for amigurumi, but I want to make a hat someday and I’d like to be sure I’m doing it correctly.


I’ll try and help if I can…can you tell me what pattern you are working on? Is it in a book? When I crochet my amigurumi, I am working on the stitches closest to me and going around to the left…if that makes sense.

Question: Are you doing front post stitches as well? Are those back post stitches supposed to be on the outside of the project you are making?

I wouldn’t say that you’re doing anything wrong necessarily, but I need a little more info on exactly how the pattern reads!
Hope I can help!

P.S. So glad you are venturing out into crochet…it’s so much fun…I have been knitting for 3 years and love it, but wanted to learn crochet! I can’t get enough of amigurumi…they are so much fun! Are you on Ravelry? There are lots of free patterns out there and I’ve got some really cute amigurumi books too! Have fun…don’t give up! Youtube is a great resource…also check out Hooked On Needles Blog, for some great crochet stitch videos…Mary Grace is a great teacher!

[color="#330099"]Crochet (in the round) is done with the right side (RS) or outside of the project facing you. Like Merry said, tt may depend on the pattern. The simple crochet stitches look the same from both the RS and WS.

I know of one pattern (a news-boy cap) that uses the back post DC as a rib on the inside to provide stiffness to shape.

So, what are you making? If the pattern isn’t on-line, you can write a small portion (a row or two) in your post without violating the copyright. That might be enough to get a better answer to your question.[/COLOR]

A very belated thank you to both of you for taking the time to respond. It’s good to know that patterns in the round are supposed to be worked with the right side facing you (same as in knitting, so I don’t know what I was thinking), and I think that’s where the problem came in. I redid it they way you guys suggested and everything came out fine. :slight_smile:

I’ve not heard of Ravelry, but I will definately check it out, along with the other sites you suggested! It took a lot of trial and error, but I finally feel comfortable with crochet…amigurumi is SO addicting, it’s crazy!

Hey Clae!
So happy that it worked out for you…I can’t stop crocheting little amigurumi…helps that I have a 4 yr. old granddaughter that loves everything I make and my grandson, who is 8, as well!

I have been helping my friend with her first amigurumi and she’s doing great!

Check out this little booklet that you can find at Joann’s or Hobby Lobby called," Vanna’s Choice Easy Crochet Critters". There are 10 amigurumi designs and they are adorable. The lion on the front is the one that I entered in our County Fair and won a Blue Ribbon!

Enjoy making your amigurumi. Another favorite of mine is “Amigurumi World”, by Ana Paula Rimoli"