Newbie with a question

Hullo all-
I’m a new member of this forum, but have read countless posts to help me in my knitting quests!

I have a question though about knitting in the round. I’ve just completed [my first] mitten which I did on one pair of straight needles [for the hand] and a set of double pointed needles [for the thumb and the tip].

The pattern was quited easy and I didn’t have a problem transfering the stitches to the dpn’s [it said to thread the stitches onto a piece of waste yarn, or knit a few stitches with waste yarn for the thumb hole]
-If that didn’t make sense, I’m sorry, but it’s okay, I just wanted to get across there weren’t any complications getting the stitches from one pair of needles to the other.

But when I started to knit with the dpn’s, the knit side was on the inside of the mitten, when it was supposed to be on the outside.

The mitten is supposed to be in garter stitch for the hand and in stockinette for the tumb and tip, but, as said before, the stockinette part didn’t work out as easily as it should have.

I did manage to finish the mitten by purling in the round, but, if you guys can somehow make any sense of the problem, so that I could knit, that would be great!!

Just out of curiosity, could it have been that I should have transfered the stitches on the other side of the stitch? I think I did it on the right side, so maybe I should have transfered on the wrong side?

I dunno, if you have any suggestions, that would be completely wonderful!!!

Often what happens when people first knit in the round, on circs or dpns, they knit on the needles that are farthest from them rather than nearest to them.

So when you’re doing it so the knits come on the outside, the needle you’re working from is toward you and the other needles are away from you.

Same with a circ. The needles are near you and the cable is away.

I hope you can picture that!

And welcome to the forum!

thank you Ingrid!!!
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