Newbie--weird mistake: how do I fix this?

Hello all,
I’m a rather new knitter, and I made a mistake and I haven’t found any suggestions on how to correct it. I’m knitting a scarf in stockinette stitch (with garter stitch borders so they don’t roll–yeah, I’ve already made that mistake already), and I messed up so I un-knitted a couple of rows. When I went to re-knit them, what should have been a knit row ended up looking like a purl row. In short, the stitches I make turn out looking like they’re backwards! I’ve tried twisting the yarn, but that doesn’t seem to work. Can anyone offer suggestions on how to fix it, recommendations on what not to do again, or a big box of Kleenex?

If it’s on a row or 2, I would just rip it back to the mistake and try again. :frogging: … OR you could leave it, and just call it artistic liscense;-) OR, how about continue for a couple rows, and then switch back? It woul dbe interesting looking!

I may sound obvious, but I’m putting it out here at least to address the possibility. Could it be that you purled a knit row?

When you unknit the row, did you twist the stitches and you knit into them that way?

It’s so hard to tell what it is without seeing it. We need a way to pass the knitting to one another. :thinking:

I just did the same thing the other day. I was using a cable needle, so I figured it’d be really easy to start back again after a break. But I somehow managed to start knitting on the wrong side. The worst part is, I didn’t realize it until I had knitted 5 rows (the bottom was curling up). A co-worker said it would make a cute design to leave it, but being the obsessive person that I am…I frogged it. The best part is, the end result was perfect! And definitely worth re-knitting.

Thanks everybody!! I ripped out another row, then started again and it turned out okay. The recipient of this is a perfectionist, so if a thread is out of place, he probably wouldn’t wear it. Looks fine now, though. Thanks again!! :XX: