Newbie SOS - Knitting In The Round

Hi all :muah:

I’m trying to do my first hat knitting in the round but having trouble getting started. The knittinghelp video was alot of help as far as setting up circular knitting. My problem is that as I knit around and around my purl stitches are on the outside of the tube and my knit stitches are on the inside of the tube. Is this normal? What am I doing wrong? I’m soooooooo confused :knitting:

Any help would be appreciated. :grphug: Thank you in advance.

You probably have your stitches “flipped” to the inside when you are knitting. You can just flip them back to the outside and you will be fine.

Yep, you are knitting inside out. You need to have the needles tips closest to your body and the loop away from your body. The working yarn will be coming from the right needle. This site also has still pictures which help a lot, too.

Or this will work if the site is down.